Thursday, July 22, 2010


I wanted to share with folks that may not know of this ingenious site. Its called Freecycle and unless you live in a cave I am pretty sure EVERYONE has heard of it.

I have been very lucky in receiving some amazing things and giving some amazing things on Freecycle.

We posted a few years ago that we were SEARCHING for a movable Basketball goal and this lady responded that she had one that her daughter used a few times then moved off to college.

So we borrowed the neighbors truck and went to get it. Only to get there and realize this was like a $500 goal. Hubby was shocked that some one was just giving it away.

another time I was looking for a 55 gallon drum and posted and within minutes I had 8 people respond saying they had one I could have.

Well I noticed the other day a lady looking for a queen mattress and box spring. Well we just happen to have one that is in good shape but needs a new home. So I feel pretty good that I was able to help this lady out.

So now I am going through our garage and closets and POSTING, POSTING, POSTING all this free stuff that is in great shape but needs a new home.



Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Living beyond our means.

Ok so I am SO SICK AND TIRED of not being able to LIVE LIFE.... I have a wonderful husband and two of the most amazing little boys I know. ( yes I am partial ) But I hate that we like many Americans live paycheck to paycheck. I mean WE SHOULD NOT HAVE TO... we make good money. So then why do we? BECAUSE LIKE MOST AMERICANS WE OVER SPEND....

SO I have decided to make a change and this is GOING to happen. WE ARE GOING TO LIVE FRUGAL.

I am starting by saying NO MORE EATING OUT. ( which is not a biggie. I mean when was the last time you ate out for less than 30 and had an actual GOOD meal? )

I am having the cable SHUT OFF ( who needs to sit around and watch TV all day? )

having our house phone SHUT off. I mean I use my cell 99% of the time anyways.

Eating simple meals and PLANNING THEM AHEAD and ONLY shopping for the meals. NO MORE SPLURGES.

I am putting this into effect immediately. I am setting up a Marble Rewards system for my boys and I am HOPING to start giving them allowance and TEACHING THEM TO SPEND AND SAFE WISELY...

SO I am going to post as many FRUGAL idea's as I can find and I encourage you all to post the ones you use on here as well. I am hoping that together we can help one another out.

in the words of Spock.


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Knock, Knock....Who's There?


UM NO!!! pack your ugly beat up bags and MOVE ON... Oh wait the bags are under my eyes.

SO in case any of you have slept like POOP the last few days I just wanna say I AM SOOOOO WITH YOU....

Monday I had HORRIBLE dreams that made me toss like a Cesar salad,

Tuesday My back was hurting so I slept like POOP, then last night KNOWING I was going to sleep great. ( I mean I WAS DUE FOR IT. ) and I did.

I crashed at 11:30 pm after reading and slept like a LOG until 3:03am when I awoke with a start and was WIDE EYED AND FREAKING BUSHY TAILED... and TOSSED AND TURNED AND NO MATTE HOW LONG I LAID THERE.. I WAS NOT GOING BACK TO SLEEP....

so here it is 6:25pm and I have been at work since 9am this morning and I still have 1 1/2 hours left.
But you know what???

If I can't sleep on my own I will do like they did in the olden days. DOWN A BIG Ol' GLASS OF WINE......sleeping/unconsciousness ( hey you say tomaaato, I say TOE-MA-TOE ) just like Mama used to do. hehehehe

So Mr Sandman where ever you have been hiding the last few nights... YOU BEST BE MAKING A SPECIAL APPEARANCE AT MY BEDSIDE WHISPERING SWEET NOTHINGS INTO MY EARS, OR ELSE!!!!!! I am going to send my DRUNK OL MAMA AFTER YOU.....