Monday, September 6, 2010

Halloween does not equal HOOSHIE......

I am a avid lover of Halloween. I love to dress up and pretend to be someone else for 1 day.
My mouth waters waiting for that taste I only get at Halloween. ( if you read my blog I posted about this 1 candy a year ago )
I love me some Milk Duds and only eat them on Halloween. Why? NO CLUE... but I do...

So this year we are heading to Disney World and we are participating in Micky's Not So Scary Halloween. So since I will be there I HAVE to dress up, I mean Come on ITS FREAKING DISNEY WORLD!!!

SO for the last few days I have been looking at costumes, and I want to know WHEN did Halloween become a day for woman to dress like total HOOSHIES??? I mean Seriously... I am highly disgusted about just how slutty some of the costumes are.
Now this may really just bother me cause well lets face it. I AM A LARGE GIRL... I got more rolls than Pillsbury.... I stand on the scale and it says
" TO BE CONTINUED " I mean it is NO secret that I am BIG.... or LARGE AND IN CHARGE as I like to call it.

But what happen to dressing like a witch, or a clown or a sweet Raggedy Ann? Well those days are gone. I mean they have Slutty Witches that instead of putting a curse on you is more likely to give you a STD... and Sweet Strawberry Shortcake is NO LONGER SWEET... she is as sultry as it comes...

Come on Please tell me that you all agree with me...
Now Hubby thought it was a great idea to go as a couple theme, Ok
his first choice was Pirate. Sure then I looked at the female costumes and realized if I wanted to go as a pirate I had to have my girls hanging out and the skirt so short that if I bent over I may scare everyone away.. Really tell me, who really wants to see my big Ol' Behind???? Well apparently hubby does cause his next suggestion was Fred and Wilma. Um Fred's costume is do able. Wilma UMMM that's another NEGATORY... I asked him if he had actually ever met me? WHEN IN THE 13 + years we have been together has he EVER seen me in a outfit like that???

So I have come to realizes gone is the day that Halloween was the one day to dress in a fun costume, Now it is all about who can dress the sluttiest.

Oh well. At least my Milk Duds have not forsaken me....

Sunday, September 5, 2010

naughty little secret

I have a naughty little secret, I know I am a mom and wife I should not have any naughty secrets but I do...

I LOVE the TV show Bones. I sometimes fantasies that I am a squint ( like people are actually that smart.. PUULLEEZZEE) and I live this fascinating life and travel all over the world and see the most amazing things and solve all these crimes.

Ok lets get real, the most amazing place I go these days is into my bedroom to have realistic ( naughty dreams wink wink!!!) and the only crime I solve is the murder of the nasty grimy goopy poo monsters in my bathroom.

And as for the pretty white lab coat I would wear if I where a squint, would have to be left on the coat rack for I would inevitably get some hellatious hot flashes that would leave pretty pit stains under the pits?

And really Do I want to look at all that old dusty stuff? I mean HELLO ALLERGIES... and the grossness of the dead bodies. Yep that is my gag reflux kicking in....

No I guess I am right where I should be. Sitting on my sofa in my shorts and tank top drinking my yummy coffee watching Bones and typing out this post...

Yep Life is good.

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Well I know I have been MIA for A LONG while. I just really fell outta touch with all this blogging. I guess like any thing you can get burned out. So for those of you that read and follow I am sorry I left you all hanging. I will try and be better.

Now I wanted to talk about change. No not the stuff littering the bottoms of your purses with all the lint from you pockets, but change as in I CHANGED....

You see I grew up the baby of 4 girls, and if you ask any one of my 3 older sisters they would all tell you, THEY LOVED ME CAUSE I WAS THEIR SISTER BUT HATED ME AS A PERSON.. I was RUDE, WHINY and well a NEGATIVE NANCY... I was and still am spoiled by my mommy. But growing up I didn't really have a relationship with my sisters.

Then I got married and became preggo at the same time one of my oldest sisters was preggo, believe it or not I think this was a total gift.

First because I was not supposed to conceive and second said sister and I were not close. But I know that the Lord did this to bring us closer. I mean we were both preggo at the same time. She was working on her second and me on my first. So naturally I turned to her for everything.

we had our boys and we were finally friends. Not as close as one would like but closer than we had ever been.

Then 6 years ago the Lord moved my family to Texas ( it was a tough move ) but as much as I hated leaving my friends and family I now know the Lord had this planned and it was the best thing.
We had some ROUGH patches here in Texas, one great thing that happened was I found the Lord and became saved. I prayed every night for the Lord to give me one friend. ( he answered that prayer with 2 amazing woman ) but he started to change me. I found that things I said or did before I no longer wished to do or say.

The ugliness and bitterness that I had carried around for 28 years started to melt away. I KNEW I was changing and it was for the better.

Fast forward to tonight. I was talking to Said sister whom I love dearly and pray for her nightly.

And she told me that she can' t believe the woman I turned out to be, I am a great mother and she thinks the world of me. ( I am paraphrasing, I mean come on I gotta toot my own horn. =)

For my sisters are my heart. They are woman I admire and care deeply for, I am not Wise ( my sister says I am boy do i have her fooled. ) I am not some mom that has a magic book.
( although I think my sister thinks I do. )

I am a Daughter of Christ that showed me that my life was NOT my life rather it was his to do with what he wanted.
I am who I am because I have him, and I know this as I know that if I pricked my finger I would bleed.

So in the last six year I have changed and I hope and pray that I continue to change. I pray that I can become the woman that my sisters can be proud of and admire, for I admire and honor them.

Karla you are one of the strongest woman I know. Please don't for one second think otherwise. I am here to hold your hand through this chapter in your life. ( stop crying I know you are. )

Lisa You make me laugh and remind me of so many memories that we shared whether they were happy or sad, You have always been my protector, from the time Kelly pushed me in the hedges to the time I dated a guy you hated. I love you.

So this is my change. I embrace it and welcome it.....
lint and all

Thursday, July 22, 2010


I wanted to share with folks that may not know of this ingenious site. Its called Freecycle and unless you live in a cave I am pretty sure EVERYONE has heard of it.

I have been very lucky in receiving some amazing things and giving some amazing things on Freecycle.

We posted a few years ago that we were SEARCHING for a movable Basketball goal and this lady responded that she had one that her daughter used a few times then moved off to college.

So we borrowed the neighbors truck and went to get it. Only to get there and realize this was like a $500 goal. Hubby was shocked that some one was just giving it away.

another time I was looking for a 55 gallon drum and posted and within minutes I had 8 people respond saying they had one I could have.

Well I noticed the other day a lady looking for a queen mattress and box spring. Well we just happen to have one that is in good shape but needs a new home. So I feel pretty good that I was able to help this lady out.

So now I am going through our garage and closets and POSTING, POSTING, POSTING all this free stuff that is in great shape but needs a new home.



Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Living beyond our means.

Ok so I am SO SICK AND TIRED of not being able to LIVE LIFE.... I have a wonderful husband and two of the most amazing little boys I know. ( yes I am partial ) But I hate that we like many Americans live paycheck to paycheck. I mean WE SHOULD NOT HAVE TO... we make good money. So then why do we? BECAUSE LIKE MOST AMERICANS WE OVER SPEND....

SO I have decided to make a change and this is GOING to happen. WE ARE GOING TO LIVE FRUGAL.

I am starting by saying NO MORE EATING OUT. ( which is not a biggie. I mean when was the last time you ate out for less than 30 and had an actual GOOD meal? )

I am having the cable SHUT OFF ( who needs to sit around and watch TV all day? )

having our house phone SHUT off. I mean I use my cell 99% of the time anyways.

Eating simple meals and PLANNING THEM AHEAD and ONLY shopping for the meals. NO MORE SPLURGES.

I am putting this into effect immediately. I am setting up a Marble Rewards system for my boys and I am HOPING to start giving them allowance and TEACHING THEM TO SPEND AND SAFE WISELY...

SO I am going to post as many FRUGAL idea's as I can find and I encourage you all to post the ones you use on here as well. I am hoping that together we can help one another out.

in the words of Spock.


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Knock, Knock....Who's There?


UM NO!!! pack your ugly beat up bags and MOVE ON... Oh wait the bags are under my eyes.

SO in case any of you have slept like POOP the last few days I just wanna say I AM SOOOOO WITH YOU....

Monday I had HORRIBLE dreams that made me toss like a Cesar salad,

Tuesday My back was hurting so I slept like POOP, then last night KNOWING I was going to sleep great. ( I mean I WAS DUE FOR IT. ) and I did.

I crashed at 11:30 pm after reading and slept like a LOG until 3:03am when I awoke with a start and was WIDE EYED AND FREAKING BUSHY TAILED... and TOSSED AND TURNED AND NO MATTE HOW LONG I LAID THERE.. I WAS NOT GOING BACK TO SLEEP....

so here it is 6:25pm and I have been at work since 9am this morning and I still have 1 1/2 hours left.
But you know what???

If I can't sleep on my own I will do like they did in the olden days. DOWN A BIG Ol' GLASS OF WINE......sleeping/unconsciousness ( hey you say tomaaato, I say TOE-MA-TOE ) just like Mama used to do. hehehehe

So Mr Sandman where ever you have been hiding the last few nights... YOU BEST BE MAKING A SPECIAL APPEARANCE AT MY BEDSIDE WHISPERING SWEET NOTHINGS INTO MY EARS, OR ELSE!!!!!! I am going to send my DRUNK OL MAMA AFTER YOU.....


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Candy Negotiations

So it has been, and so it will be, until the time they are making their own decisions.


You know the "Can I have this and this?" Or "this and that?" Or "how about this BOG piece and then this sucker???"

Now whether you are a LET THEM EAT IT ALL AT ONCE kinda mom or a Lets space it out to last kinda mom ( which I am )
We have all been through the Candy Negotiations in some form or another.

I know that if I let them eat it all and get rid of it I will not have candy woes anymore. However My right Brain, or is it my left? Which ever darn side that has the reasoning part ( ***NOTE TO SELF, RESEARCH WHICH SIDE CONTROLS THE REASONING )

I just can't let them eat it all. I think WHAT IF I did they got a cavity ( because somewhere in my crazy brain I think that spacing the candy out, will prevent cavities )

Or WHAT IF they get a tummy ache. Or What If they go into diabetic shock. NO THEY ARE NOT DIABETIC. But WHAT IF they did became diabetic because I let them eat it all.

( oh man my brain is a SCARY frustrating maze of confusion and STUPIDITY... )

Can one take an actual brake from their brain?? If they can I SO NEED IT....

So I ask. What kind of mom or dad are you?

Sunday, June 27, 2010

photo's by Grasshopper

I thought today's post would be photo's, And not just any ol' photo's but ones taken by our very own Grasshopper. I hope you enjoy them,

( Note ** ) none of these photos have been altered ( I do not believe in altering children's photos. I think God made them perfect the way they are. ) except one which was altered for a funny, Not to make them look perfect.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Out of the innocent mouth monkeys

On Fathers day we decided to go to dinner then grab some ice cream. We were on our way home from B&R when Rang was in the back talking. ( now normally he is talking about SOMETHING and I am normally half listening. ) So as rang was jabbering on and on about something I hear him say


Me: WHAT??


Me: Rang I have no clue what you are talking about.

Rang: ( by the way he was getting frustrated with me at this point ) YOU KNOW THE LITTLE THINGS YOUR MADE FROM??

At this point a light bulb goes off in my head and for some reason I know he is actually referring to ATOMS. Why my brain went to Atoms with his EVES but when he said the little things your made up of I knew he meant Atoms.

Me: You mean ATOMS honey??


Me: CRACKING UP LAUGHING. he thought MEN where made from ATOMS and girls from EAVES

as in ADAM AND EVE.....

Only a small child could come up with that.

I love my innocent Rang Tang

Sunday, June 20, 2010


So I was chatting it up with some rather wise ladies on my BF group, and we were discussing when is the right time to stop letting your children ( if they are the opposite sex as you ) see you in all your glory so too speak.

Now I stopped letting my boys see me in my "TRUE UN-AIRBRUSHED FORM "when they hit 5-6, Not because I was thinking it was wrong or that it was perverted but well lets face it.

I scream with horror when I see my flabbiness in the mirror. I sure as heck don't need my boys having it seared into their brains... I mean can you imagine having "THAT" conversation in 15 years.

this is how the conversation would go

" So mom, "

" yes dear "

" you remember when I was a little boy?"

" Of course sweetie, You where such a good little boy."

" Yeah, Yeah, ANYWAYS....."

"well last night I was trying to get my groove on with (insert Name of future daughter in law ) and she walked out of the shower and


their standing in her place was not my beautiful wife but rather YOU.... YEP I saw YOU..... in ALL YOUR GLORY... ( insert a big ol' EWWWWWWW!!!!!! )

now mom I am not saying your not a pretty lady, but REALLY???





So that is MY reasoning for why we nipped it in the butt ( LOTS OF PUN INTENDED ) when we did.

So when did you all make that decision????

Now if only I could convince my children that YES the bathroom does actually have a door lets try CLOSING IT WHEN ONE GOES.....Baby steps I guess