Thursday, March 25, 2010


Ok I had a giveaway a few days ago for a gift card.

I had not decided at that time if it would be a $25.00 Starbucks GC or a Visa GC..... and since I only had 5 folks participate in the giveaway ( Not sure if I should be sad that I only had 5 or happy )

So I have decided to let the winner decide which one they wanted. So since I only had 5 folks play I decided to put the names in a hat instead of using a generator and the lucky winner is.................

Yeah Gille.... I need you now to contact me with your name and address and if you would prefer a Starbucks GC or a Visa....
thank you to those that participated in my little giveaway.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Accented Syllables

Ok WHAT???????

I am doing school with Grasshopper and he is learning about accented syllables, and all I can say is

WTHECK???? I have never heard this term before nor can I for the life of me figure them out. I googled them and read the RULES and am at a complete and utter loss.

These are the times where I think AM I RUINING MY CHILDREN BY HOMESCHOOLING???? I mean If I can't figure something out like ACCENTED SYLLABLES then maybe I am not the best person to be teaching them....

oy Vey..... I need a brain overhaul and a refresher course in Language Arts.

Anyone out there wanna help explain this to a not so bright mommy?

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Is it Wrong to Question the Bible?

Ok I am a Christian as most of you know. But I have ALOT of questions. I mean I have only been saved for 5 years, So for the past 20+ years I did not Know Jesus and or the Bible.

So one of my resolutions this year is to read the Bible. As Jan 1st rolled near I got myself all fired up about it. I went out and bought The One Year Bible

So I have been reading it daily, ( although some days I miss and then play catch up. ) Yes I said MISS. I am not perfect. Oh and did I mention IT IS A HARD BOOK TO READ???

Anywho as I read it I get all these questions in my head that make me go REALLY???

For example.

Sara and Abraham did not have kids, so she GAVE her SLAVE to Abraham to marry and have kids with.

Ok right there I have questions. 1st, why were there slaves? 2nd UMM that is Polygamy and I thought God was against it

then Sara becomes jealous of her slave and tells Abraham to send her into the desert away, so he does.

Yep another question.

so after allowing her husband to commit adultery they now send her and the baby away KNOWING they might die, and they have no issue with it. Then God tells her ( the slave ) to Go back to Sara and basically be mistreated. REALLY?

then after all that he rewards them with many descendants to become a great nation.

Ok do you see my dilemma? I mean how does one read this and NOT think something is fishy?

I know it all comes down to Faith, But then I think WHAT IF I DON'T HAVE FAITH? am I damned to Hell? What if God gets angry with me because I am to dense to understand his word?

yes these questions run through my head and frighten me. And to top that off I believe that men and woman are Born Gay. So then if they are, does that mean that God Loves them? ( which I whole heartily believe God does ) but then others will say NO THE BIBLE SAYS ITS WRONG...

Ok so it does. So why is that wrong but Abraham, and Issac and the rest of them having many wives NOT wrong?

Oh I am so confused. So if any of you feel the need to help explain any of this to me that would be FANTASTIC....

Friday, March 19, 2010

WHO STOLE THEM????? ( with a hidden message )

I would LOVE to know who stole my little sweet boys? I ask because this is the week from well the devils playground.... grrrrr!!!

it started Monday. Rang is NOT a morning person and he had to get up for speech, so of course he awoke is a foul mood. Grasshopper on the other hand was in a good mood as he is every marooning he wakes up. But that sweet good mood was NOT going to stick around apparently...

You see I home school, so the monkeys are around each other quite a bit, And I know they get irritated with one another I mean Hello it comes with the territory.

HOWEVER this week alone they have went from this

sweet loving little cuddly monkeys to

Angry mean little MONSTER MONKEYS.....

The constant name calling and hitting and being just all around UGLY is driving this mommy Monkey INSANE.... I mean I never thought I would have to threaten them ( yes THREATEN ) that they can't talk to or look at or play with each other the rest of the day if they do not stop....

You know I would expect them to have oh I don't know A LITTLE COMMON SENSE not to do it all in front of me. But NOPE.... they have decided to be equal opportunity MONSTERS to each other, Who cares if moms there.

So WHOMEVER stole my sweet cuddly monkeys PLEASE PLEASE send them back.... If its a ransom you want I WILL PAY IT....( warning Hidden giveaway ) just please take these little monsters with you....

If you read all the way through then you realized I am PAYING A RANSOM FOR MY is all you have to do.

Blog about this RANSOM AND MONKEY NAPPING on your blog with a link back here
then leave a comment on what you think the little Monkeys are worth.

if you would like to follow me that won't get you any advantages but it will put a big ol smile on this mama monkeys face.

So there you have it.

Oh the reward is a SECRET!!!! I will let you all in on the actual REWARD $ in a few days.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I have an itch

I do.... Now if you know me, or even if you do not know me you have eyes and can obviously see I AM FAT..... Not only am I Fat but I am OUTTA SHAPE....

Its funny though. I know I am fat but when I look at myself I don't see a fat girl. Its kinda like a Hippo

looking at herself and not seeing a Hippo but a beautiful Jessica Rabbitish kinda gal ... CHA-CHA-CHA... Im Saucy....

So back to the itch.... I have been walking everyday since Sunday. ( ya, ya I know its only been 3 days. ) But I am itching to get out there an walk. I mean I am sitting here anxiously waiting for the monkeys to finish their Math so we can GOOOOO!!!! I am like ready to piddle myself.. COME ON ALREADY......

So I am hoping and praying that this itch will stay with me, as this Jessica Rabbitish gal trapped in a Hippo body walks/runs her way into a healthier, new lifestyle...

I mean come on.... I have to be a good role model for my monkeys. And who doesn't wanna be saucy like Miss Jessica Rabbit. MEOW!!!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Picaso Ain't got nothing on Grasshopper

So my oldest Grasshopper LOVES to draw and color. This is his latest image.

Now if you have seen the movie Aristocats then you recognize her as Dutches. I am not certain but I think Zsa Zsa Gabor does the voice.

I think he did a good job, of course he was so proud of it.

So his drawing got me thinking. I have 2 monkeys with completely different personalities. Grasshopper is more of my artsy fartsy child. Loves to draw, sing, dance very ARTISTIC one might say....

then there is Rang Tang who is like a bowling ball in a china cabinet. Does not like to color or draw and his idea of singing is actually listening to Apologetix and signing along with them.

No Rang is more my get down into the nitty gritty and get his hands dirty. He LOVES to build things. The kid can build the most amazing Lego ships from nothing more than his imagination.

Its funny he has this wicked imagination when it comes to building things but for the life of himself can not put that imagination onto paper.

So here I have polar opposites of one another and since they are I have had to do things completely different with each other. I never knew that 2 little boys that are from the same parents could be day and night from one another.

Rang is 110% his mama. A in your face, don't tick me off and for sure DON"T WAKE ME IN THE MORNING. AND IF YOU DO..... DO NOT TALK TO ME IF YOU KNOW WHATS GOOD. kinda kid

Grasshopper is 110% daddy. Laid back, lets the world roll right off his shoulders. Wakes every morning glad to just be alive. Always wakes with a smile.

So with having 2 boys that are opposites I have come to rely on a WHOLE LOT OF PRAYING... for with Grasshopper I have to remember he wears his emotions on his sleeve and is easily sadden by others misfortune.

With Rang. I know just what will get through to that thick skull as talking to him is like talking to myself. ( Who says talking to ones self is bad? )

So thanks for reading through my ramblings. I am sure you are all thinking


Alas.... no yummy drinks tonight.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Whats that smell?????

WHAT in the world is that smell?

Is it dog poo?


Sour Milk?


Sweaty little monkeys?

Nope not that either

Oh I know what that smell is

ITS CRISP CLEAN FRESH AIR........ Yep It is such a beautiful day that I have the windows wide open and can feel a nice crisp breeze flowing through the house.

I LOVE IT WHEN ITS LIKE THIS... sun shinning .... birds chirping..... The sound of a

lawnmower in the distance, and the none stop sniffling and sneezing.


So of course with the windows open and the trees and flowers all in bloom my allergies are wreaking havoc on me... itchy watery eyes and sneezing like its no bodies business. BUT I WILL NOT CAVE.....

Here is a photo that I had taken awhile ago and well it reminds me of another nice clean fresh day.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

I am KILLING my kids

AND I DIDN'T EVEN REALIZE it...... I have always prided myself on being very cautious of what they eat. I limit the amount of toxins in their bodies. I try and use natural or organic as much as possible. and ALWAYS 100% whole wheat.

I mean my kids have no idea that bread or pasta is ever white. We drink Raw milk, and I try and get exercise into them daily. All the while of priding myself as a GOOD MOMMY..... I am in fact slowly setting them on a path that is going to cause harmful and possibly sever damage to them. I AM NOT A GOOD MOMMY...

So what brought this all on you might ask? Well while reading the news today I stumble upon this site and start reading and am in total shock at what I see. Then not knowing the exact amount 1 gram really is I decided to research it. and this my friends is what I find.

the following may cause you to slap forehead and say WHAT!!!
1 gram = 1/4 teaspoon
4 grams = 1 teaspoon, 1 sugar cube, or 1 package of sugar
8 grams = 2 teaspoons
16 grams = 4 teaspoons
32 grams = 8 teaspoons
52 grams = 13 teaspoons
88 grams = 22 teaspoons
120 grams = 30 teaspoons
200 grams = 50 teaspoons, ( 1 cup granulated sugar )

and so on.... Now I know some of you may look at that and think. OH I DON"T LET THEM HAVE THAT MUCH.... allow me to enlighten you...

a little jug of chocolate milk from McDonald's has 25 grams of sugar which is almost 6 teaspoons of sugar.

a Nutri-grain cereal bar, well pick Strawberry can you believe it has 12 grams of sugar, which is insane. I mean I try and not buy sugar coated cereal for this reason and HELLO I might as well be letting my kids eat donuts for breakfast as for a Dunkin Donuts glazed donut has the same exact amount of sugar in them. CRAZY....

I am just in utter shock and disbelief and a tad ANGRY with myself.

So as I do with anything that involves my monkeys I am NOW ON A MISSION TO REVAMP MY KIDS DIETS....
I will be reading as much as possible about the crap that I am putting in my kids. I will be purging the house of all sugar that is candy or sweets related. ( I want to apologize to the student workers I work with in advance as I am BRINGING IT ALL TO WORK FOR YOU )

I am going to make it my mission to educate my kids, myself and anyone else that wants to know the facts. To know me is to know that when it comes to my kids I AM A MANIAC with getting to the bottom of things. DON"T MESS WITH MY MONKEYS.... and YOU AMERICAN FOOD PRODUCERS ARE IN FOR A WHOLE LOT OF MOMMY AND GETTING IN YOUR BUSINESS... YOU AIN'T MAKING MY BOYS FAT OR CAUSING HEALTH ISSUES WITH THEM... I AM COMING FOR YOU ALL.....

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Grocery Shopping

I wanted to talk about something that I find both full filling and frustrating all at the same time.

Grocery Shopping.

Are you the type that shops every week for that weeks grocery's? Or the type that shops daily? Or every other week?

If you are like me I like to get the shopping done at the beginning of the month and be done with it. Not because I don't like to shop, ( I actually don't mind grocery shopping, Its all the other kind of shopping I thoroughly dislike)

I like to have it done and over with for many reason. One I know what is going to be eaten for the month, so why not have it done with? And if I have it done then I don't need to RUN to the Store for the 1 item only to walk out with another $50.00 spent on stuff we DID NOT NEED.

I love my hubby but to send him to the store means I KNOW HE WILL COME BACK WITH AT LEAST 2 BAGS WORTH OF STUFF WE DID NOT NEED....

Also when I shop at the beginning of the month we are LESS likely to eat out, thus saving us more money. If I have it written down ( the menu ) then we must stick to it RIGHT??? We have the attitude of SO IT IS WRITTEN SO SHALL IT BE DONE.
Now I am not saying that we don't splurge and actually eat out once or twice but I am saying WE ARE LESS LIKELY...

the reason I get frustrated with the shopping however is that the prices of things are incredibly RIDICULES... I just can't fathom why some things are so darn expensive. I mean take Prunes for example ( yes I like them and so does Grasshopper so I do occasionally splurge and buy them ) but a small package was like 3.50 the other day. I mean COME ON they are dried PLUMS... Did I buy them? yes I did only to run into Sam's and see a HUGE package for $6.00, It is just so amazing to me the price difference.

So as you get to the store in the next few days. Try actually comparing prices and you will be surprised how certain things are WAY to expensive and others, not so much.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Lies and the men behind them. hehehehe

here is Darling hubby,

He is the greatest man I know, Loving, compassionate,kind, Loves his wife and kids, a God Fearing man, and would give you the last cookie on the plate......

SCREECHHHHHH!!!! hold up.... did I just say he would give you the last cookie??? OH HOW LITTLE DO WE KNOW????

You see, although I am married to the greatest man in the world ( yes I am bias. =) )there is a deep dark secret that most don't know about him,

he has a slight issue with cookies.

I mean you don't have a coffee mug like this for NO REASON

You see we like to call him the REAL COOKIE MONSTER....

Hubby has well lets put it like this HE REALLY LIKES HIS COOKIES, chocolate chip, oatmeal,

peanut butter sugar, it does not matter he is not discriminative when it comes to cookies. None

of them stand a chance when he is around. So imagine my surprise when I went into the garage

to get some romen noodles for the boys for lunch.

I look on the shelf and there is this package of what else COOKIES..... so I grab them and look to

see what they are, Ok They are Gourmet Thumbprint. they sound yummy

I go to open SAID cookies and

OH NO!!!!! I think the store jipped hubby, I mean it clearly states on the label that there are 12,

notice red arrow

But when I open the container there are only 2, Now I never claimed to be the smartest cookie in the jar ( see that, I just made a funny.... )

But 12 looks alot more than 2. Notice there are 10 missing. How on earth could that have happen????

So of course I had to call hubby and tell him how bad the store ripped him off......

and this is his story ladies and gentleman

He claims that his hands where full on Friday and he FORGOT THEY WERE OUT THERE....

when I asked REALLY!!! just how many of these FORGOTTEN COOKIES DID THE BOYS

GET... He says HMMMM I don't think they actually got any... BUT I WAS NOT HIDING


yeah stick to that story honey,