Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thankful Thursdays & Oh So Sweet Sugar

Thankful Thursday, I am so thankful for many things today.
1- I awoke to NO headache. Thankful
2- my monkeys gave me NO grief this morning while getting ready for work and school
3- My darling hubby was able to get me a yummy vanilla latte so I would not have to get outta the car in the cold.
4-My Lord knows what I need even when I may not know it. He is as always GREAT, and ALMIGHTY

I am very great full that when i dropped off Rang Tang at the babysitters Grasshopper came up and gave me sugar without me having to track him down and ask him, then to top off that sweet surprise Rang Tang ran up to me and said

you don't understand my monkeys LOVE to be at Mrs. J's house its usually a battle to get them to leave, so for they to want to hug and kiss me melts my heart.

speaking of Mrs. J I am thankful for her friendship and wisdom. She has been a real blessing to me and my family. ( thanks Mrs. J )

so there you have it folks. This is my Thankful Thursday.

So what are you Thankful for today? It is so easy to join in and tell everyone. Here is how Thankful Thursdays works:
1. Post your Thankful Thoughts on your blog. Somewhere in your post please mention
so that your friends, family and visitors know where to find other Thankful Thoughts.
So there you have it, super easy and its always nice to be Thankful

The Answer

Ok if you read yesterdays post and saw the photo of that huge ( maxi pad ) hehehehe
it is actually a funny little splint for my pinkie finger.
You see I was trying to be all domesticated and make a yummy dinner.

Thanks Pioneer Woman. I blame her. hehehe

Actually I saw this recipe and thought to myself

OH MY HEAVENS this sounds yummy. So I decided to make it.

Tomato Pasta salad this is from our favorite little country gal Pioneer Woman

so as everything is cooking ( I added some water and warmed the sauce up to eat it warm )

I started cutting up the beautiful cherry tomatoes, rolled the basil and sliced thin, then on to the klamata ( sp ) olives

chop, chop, chop, OUCH!!!! yep my little pinkie finger slid off the knife and was sliced and diced..

I was home alone with the monkeys ( darling hubby had stopped to get roasted chicken to add to the pasta )

Grasshopper ran and got me a wash cloth from the bathroom and helped me wrap up my finger.

Now one thing you should know about me. Needles do NOT freak me out. Heck I pierced my

own nose twice, have tats, like I said needles are no biggie for me. HOWEVER the thought of

someone sewing on my FREAKS ME OUT... Yeah I know I am wired.

Well after a yummy dinner ( yes it was Divine my monkey ate it ALL up ) darling hubby

re bandaged it and made me a Popsicle stick splint to get me through the night.

the next day I went to the Dr to get my tetanus and have him take a peek at it. He said I did

need a stitch but apparently after too long they can't do it so he cleaned it and re bandaged it up

and put the new softer splint on it. He told me to take the bandage off and clean it daily and

re bandage it.

So I have a wounded pinkie. Thankfully its my left hand ( I am right handed ) and I am officially

off dishes duty fir a while. hehehe

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


so in honor of my day I thought we would play a game called

WHAT IS THAT????Anyone wanna take a gander at what this is?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Give AWAY.... Check it out

Ok I found this chippies blog and all I can say is OH MY HEAVENS... she is one seriously talented chippie. SO head on over to her blog and sign up for the give away..

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Just call me Farmer Mindy..... =)

So I normally work EVERY Saturday at the Children's Museum. I did though manage to get yesterday off to spend with my family and boy was it a GREAT DAY....

so here is the adventure we had. I will post photos of yesterday and Tuesday of our trip to Austin I swear I will.

SO we get up and get ready to leave. Head out the door and stop to get donuts for the road trip.
I normally get my coffee at this little gas station when I am out and about, since we were short on time I just bought coffee at the donut shop (BIG MISTAKE!!!)


This, however they wanna call it was NOT COFFEE.

It was however water with a splash of hazelnut in it. YUCKY!!!

We stop at another gas station so I can get a NEW COFFEE and throw this montroucity (sp )in the trash were it belongs
The new coffee was NUYA that is my new word for. NOT GREAT but not the worst either.

With new coffee in hand we head to THE FARM

ok this family we went with is a great family, but one thing you must know about this family.

The mom ( my dear sweet friend ) is a MAJOR clean freak and germ-a-phobic.

We get to the farm and the first thing we see are the two cutest little girls come running up to us.
Now picture the Ingalls girls from Little House on the Prairie and you now know what they looked like. ( they were even barefoot ) which normally Not a issue but it was COLD...

So this friend we will just call her C had to use the restroom. Walks up to the owner and the Farmer and asks to use the restroom.
Ok you had to see the look on her face when he pointed to an actual OUTHOUSE... PRICELESS!!!!
C has never been camping a day in her life and has NO idea what roughing it is.

She eventually goes ( bladder wins every time ) but man was she feeling violated.

We walk around and look at the farm and quickly realize this farm is....... well how do you say
he uses horse and old timey plows to do EVERYTHING. NO tractors on this farm. ( I am glad to say they did have electricty and indoor plumbing )

we decided that there is FAR to much feces on the ground to picnic, and do the only thing logical.
open the back of the van and Tailgate it.
We did use the sanitary wipes to wipe the kids down well before eating.

So the day progresses with a wagon ride ( this is where C breaks out in Hives from the amount of Nature and the Ingalls girls picking at horse doo-doo then putting said fingers in mouth )

I thought C was going to grab her kids and take off running.
But I have to say I was proud of C she toughed it out. Even when we went to look for Chicken eggs. and see the pigs.

It was all going good until C was standing around with the farmer and the other folks talking when this little girl MAYBE 2 comes up behind C and barely touches C's pant leg.

Now picture it. C has been on edge since getting there. The kids our darling hubby's and I are just having a hoot and good time. ( I will say I did agree with C on how dirty it was and MAN THE INGALLS GIRLS NEEDED SHOES... especially when walking in chicken poo and cow poo. But its a farm what did we expect? )

Now picture C standing there trying to be brave when we all know that what she really wants to do is run home and get into the shower and burn her clothes.

This little girl touches C and all you hear is this high pitched scream and her take off. ( she thought a pig had come up after her and nibbled her pants leg )

AWWW what are friends for if not for a good ol' laugh?

From there we go into the Milking room. Um GROSS. I have never seen so many flies in my life.
then to the cheese room where OH MY GRAVY the smell was GROSS. ( I knew there was a reason I am not a cheese eater ) then to the store where they sell their Raw Milk, Raw Yogurt, Raw Cheese and Raw Honey

C was however a good sport and actually tried a piece of Cheese. And I must say the cheese and milk were pretty darn good.

So after 4 hours the kids were tired and hungry and C was ready to get outta there.

We head to Bryan and eat at this fantastic Mexican restaurant, I had a yummy shrimp pasta dish that was DELISH...

From there we walk around the little shopping strip, then head over to Ben & Jerry's so the kids could get their dessert, and I could go next door to FINALLY get a GOOD cup of coffee.

We take the kids to a park ( by this time its dark but the park had lights and the kids had a BLAST )

after a FUN eventful long day we drive the hour and half home to get the kids into the showers and plop onto the couch to zone.

It was a perfect day. I am blessed that the Lord gave me this perfect fun day with my beautiful family and great friends.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

WOW.... Two days

is how long I went without getting on the puter. Man my poor inbox was packed full of SPAM.... and there were some important ones in there as well.

But man time flies when you are busy, I was lucky to even stop and take a breath.

For those of you that read my blog We did end up going into Austin on Tuesday and had a WONDERFUL time as a family, We went to Zilker Gardens and the boys had a great time. We were able to go to Ikea and get some things we actually DID NOT NEED but man you can't beat the prices. Then over to the Croc's outlet where we all got new croc's ( my very first pair, 1 dark red Mary Jane's and a really cute pair of black dressy ones. )
Then into the Disney store where I got 3 new Disney T's and the boys each got a new T and so did darling hubby.,

It was such a long wonderful day, we didn't get home till 11:30
Oh the main point of us going was to buy the boys new car seats. Rang Tang is so big in the torso that its really hard to find a 5pt harness that he can actually fit into.
We finally found the Graco Nautilus and it is great. Grasshopper is now sporting his new Sunshine kids booster its super cool red and black,
We took alot of great photos that I will post tonight or tomorrow depending on how tired I am when I get off work.
Yep its Thursday and that means a 10am to 8pm shift. L-O-N-G day....

But onto a new note I hope you all are reading and paying attention, Because in the next few days I will have a SURPRISE.... so you have to keep reading and paying attention, cause you never know when that SURPRISE WILL HIT......

Monday, January 18, 2010

Seriously.. it can't be this hard

Today is a day from well lets say Satan's play ground.
I mean how is it I have homeschool days that are WONDERFUL then days where I want to pull all of my hair out.
Don't get me wrong I love my kids, I love homeschooling and being able to spend the days with then watching them learn new and exciting things.

But today OY VEY!!!! it was a day full of tears.
I would love to know what you other homeschool moms and dads do when your kids just will not budge?

You see we were planing on going into Austin tomorrow to spend the day as a family, something we have not done in a long while. So Grasshopper KNEW that he had to double up on his assignments, he did his spelling last night so all he had to do today was math, English and bible.

But do you think he could do it today while I was at work with ease?
NOPE!!! he flat out decided he was not going to do school work today. So now we can not go into Austin. AUGHHH!!!!! I know some of you are thinking. So let him catch up on Wednesday, but the problem with that is he won't, then he has science co-op on Thursday and geography and choir on Friday. I mean how on earth do you all do it?

I have a schedule
spelling, math, reading, English, and bible If he gets that done then science. But it seems like its Beginning to be a struggle with just the basics.

Please I beg all of you that homeschool HELP!!! tell me how you do it with such ease...

ok I am now off to cry into my pillow about being a bad homeschool mommy. sniff!!sniff!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Would you like to spend the night with me?

Well after THE STORY OF ME. I thought you all needed something a little more fun and light hearted, So I am going to tell you a story

Come Close....



ok. I love my darling hubby more than words could explain, so while I tell this you know its all in good fun...

In order to tell the story you need to know a few things about me

A- I am an insomniac ( not sure if that's even an actual word )

B- My darling hubby suffers from what we call JIMMY LEGS.. or what normal folks call Restless Leg Syndrome ( although he won't see a Dr. about it )

C- we have to lock our cats up in the bathroom at night ( they like to run and jump on the kids and the little one Skittles thinks the bottom bunk is a litter box )

D- the little one Skittles is ALLERGIC to cat litter ( so we have to use that recycled paper stuff )

ok now that you know all this here is the story....

It all started Wednesday night. I crawl into bed to read ( something I do nightly ) and Darling hubby crawls into bed to read. ( ok in case you do not know us personally let me explain. Darling hubby and I are, well we like to call it PERFECTLY FLUFFY. others call it FAT, PLUMP, but Fat works. And as if that were not bad enough we sleep on a Queen size mattress.
SO basically the two of us in a queen size bed is like to walruses flopping around outta water. )

So its time for bed now.
Now I have NO idea how anyone in their right mind can literally turn the light off and be sound asleep in less than 2 min. flat. But apparently Darling Hubby has mastered that. Where as I lay there for at least 1 hour before falling to sleep.

So here I am laying there TRYING to doze off and listening to darling hubby breath deeply. ( no not quite a snore yet )
its quiet and still then here comes the TWITCH........ TWITCH....... ( now you have to understand when he twitches the entire bed shakes. ( so imagine a broke down vibrating bed )

Ok so I think great he has the Jimmy Legs again... SO I lay there KNOWING it will happen again.
but Nope Nothing.... SO I think great....
I start to drift into a slumber ( you know that place right before you are asleep ) and all of a sudden

WHACK..... Darling hubby's jimmy legs have turned into a full on kick into my legs. OUCH!!! I think ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? then nothing No movement from him... so again I have been laying there now for at least 2 hours. PRAYING to fall asleep feeling my hubby twitch the bed then KICK ME and now nothing....

So I lay there literally for like 20 more min and he does not move AGAIN I think FINALLY and right when I am not expecting it

WHACK this time not only did he kick me but he caught me with those Valaseraptor claws that he calls toe nails and I swear to goodness I had to actually get up to go see if he cut me.. IT HURT and I was certain that he ripped open my skin... Thankfully NO..... so I lick my wounds ( not really but you get the jests. )

SO I go back to bed contemplating going out to the couch but think NO I AM TIRED. I look at the clock and its not 3 I finally fall asleep ONLY to be awoken at 4:46 to a horrific smell. YEP one of the cats used the litter box and OH MY GRAVY... I thought I was going to be sick the smell was horrible. I think I now know what Medical examiners smell on a daily basis. So thinking of a medical examiner I go dig around the bathroom all cockeyed for the Vic's Vapor rub to rub under my nose so I can sleep and not smell DEATH!!.

I mean COME ON... this is my bed my room and I CAN"T CATCH A BREAK.... I fall back to sleep knowing I have to be awake in 2 1/2 hours .

I fall back to sleep only to be awoken by the Alarm... ( I have said it before THE ALARM IS SATAN'S DOING... WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND EVER THOUGHT THAT BEING AWOKE TO A CONSTANT BEEP BEEP BEEP was a good idea should be strung up....

So there you have it. Anyone wanna stay the night?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Story of me PART DUCE!

So when we last left off I had scheduled the Lap to find out if all this craziness was in fact this ENDOMETRIOSIS that everyone was talking about.

So the day comes and my sissy takes me to the hospital for this 15 min procedure.

I go in and change and get all comfy into the bed. They tell me what is going to take place and when I wake they will have answers.

I say see-ya to my sissy and they wheel me to pre-op room, where my anesthesiologist comes and introduces himself to me. He explains that he will give me something to relax me before they wheel me to the room.
He has this needle and I am like

Me: Whats that?

him: OH this is your martini....

he inserts it in my IV

Me: When is it supposed to kick in?

him: Oh any sec



so the next thing I remember is waking up to see my sissy and my mom ( which was not there when I went in ) standing over me crying..

Nope just REALLY MESSED UP.... I get wheeled to the recovery room where I look up and see the most beautiful man ever, AND ASK HIM TO MARRY ME. He turned me down.

When I was awake enough to fully comprehend and understand the OB informed me then that I would NEVER have kids and that I had the worst case of Endo he had ever seen.
The reason my mom was there was that he had to have my sister call her to give him permission to give me a Full Hysterectomy. ( Thank the Lord she said NO )

So I was informed that my 15 min surgery had in fact been about 3 hours. That he had never seen Endo so sever in a person my age, he said its usually that bad in a lady in her late 60's early 70's
He informed me that I had large tumors all over inside of me that were so extensive that he could not get them all. He said it looked as if someone had opened me up and poured a bag of sand in me. THAT'S HOW BAD IT WAS...

So here I am a newlywed that has a darling hubby that wants LOTS OF KIDS...
I have 2 sisters that are like I will be a surrogate for you.. ( aw thanks but NO )
so that night when darling hubby called I told him I wanted to get a divorce. ( I told him this knowing it would be the best, He wanted kids and I was told I COULD NOT HAVE THEM. )

thankfully he said NO we will adopt if we have too.

So after I was healed enough to go see my Dr. he started me on Depro Lupron its a shot you have to get every 30 days. NOT 31 or 29 but every 30 days.
well this was Oct and Darling hubby would be home in Dec.
What he didn't tell me was that the medicine not only shut my estrogen down to basically put me in Menopause but it shut EVERYTHING DOWN...

Darling hubby gets home and was a tad shocked to see how much weight I actually gained, but he still loved me. after being on the shot for 6 months I had to have ANOTHER Lap to see how well the shot worked.

I go in this time with my darling hubby right by my side. I wake up and find out the shot did NOTHING... I was actually worse than before.

So not only am I MAD as all get out, I am frustrated. I mean HELLO I am 21 and have now been in Menopause for 6 months. Horrible hot flashes, mood swings, emotional breakdowns you name it I WAS A WRECK....

So the Dr. suggest I try this pill that I have to take every 4 hours around the clock. So begins the new stage in life where I am held captive to a watch... Yep I was always keeping an eye on the clock.
In fact the pill was WAY harder then the shot. I thought the hot flashes and mood swings where bad before. NOPE... WAY worse on the pill.

So here I am 21 been in Menopause for 6 months and now I have to do it for another 3 months.
I was informed that I could only do it another 3 months then I had to stop... You see what this lovely pill did was pump in testosterone and if I stayed on the med for longer than 9 months I would start getting male features.



GROW A ADAMS APPLE ( hehehehe I added that one. I really don't think that was going to happen )

so here I have had basically my entire life turned UPSIDE DOWN in 1 year.

Come to find out that if you remember WAYYYYYY back in the 9th grade had they actually tried to find the cause of the long heavy periods and pain they would have known that I had Endo, Instead they shoved BC down my throat. And if you have no idea what Endometriosis is then I recommend you read up on it.


You have pain HERE TAKE BC

you have heavy periods HERE TAKE BC

Your moody HERE TAKE BC...

I get so angry when I hear of OB's giving their patient BC instead of trying to find the root of the problem.

Anyways I digress
So my 3 months are up.
I have been through 2 laps, been on the shot for 6 months and the pills for 3
at this point there was nothing else that could be done.

I am angry and feel like a horrible wife.

Then My older sister gets preggo.. ( can you say SLAP in the face? )
I remember her feeling bad about telling me. I was SOOO happy for her but sad for Darling hubby.
I remember I was at her house and my mom was giving me a perm. My mom said she had a dream that I was Preggo. Then my sissy said She had too had a dream that I was. I laughed it off and said WELL WE ALL KNOW THAT CAN"T HAPPEN....


after my mom and sister kept hounding me to take a test i did it to shut them up and LOW AND BEHOLD +
I was scared outta my wits. I was super excited but still scared. I mean here I had all these toxins pumped into my body and NOW I am preggo.... REALLY?

So 9 months of bliss. I have a beautiful baby boy.... Grasshopper was and is perfect in every way...
the Dr told me that since I was able to get preggo that I should start trying right away for a second.
6 months passed and We started trying, and trying, and trying.... Nothing. in that time I had visits from Aunt Flo but they were not as painful had they been in the past.
Until one day 3 years later it hit me outta the blue. And I KNEW my ugly curse was back... I went to the OB and he told me that I knew what had to be done. YEP ANOTHER LAP to see how bad... But you see I had 2 then got preggo had to have an emergency C-Section then when grasshopper was 6 months old I had to have an emergency appendectomy then a year later on Christmas Eve my gallbladder had to come out. and here I am told I have to have then 2 years later I tore my rotator cuff.

So you see in 6 years I had, had 6 surgeries. I WAS IN NO HURRY FOR YET ANOTHER.

So I did something different. I went to a natural path and he put me on a remedy and had me cut out all forms of caffeine from my diet. 3 months later the Lord blessed us again with another +
9 months later out popped Rang Tang via C-Section. Kidneys were having issues and he had to come out.

We moved to Texas when Rang Tang was 5 months old. I interviewed OB's and found one I really liked.
I explained my history and how bad it was. ( I really think he thought I was WAY OVER EXAGGERATING)
I had my lovely visits from Aunt Flo and right off the bat they were painful. No break or anything.

I called the OB and begged and pleaded for some type of pain med to get me through the visits. He would but tell me that I REALLY NEED TO TRY IBUPROFEN... HAHA...

well I tried a few more meds to put me in Menopause AGAIN to try and cure it or settle it, Nothing worked.
then in June of 07 i was having horrible pain in my behind. ( I thought HEMORRHOIDS REALLY? ) so I go see my OB who does a ultrasound and says NO you have a HUGE tumor on your Left ovary that we need to go in NOW and remove.
2 days later I was going in for yet another lovely surgery...
I wake up this time to find out that NO it was NOT a tumor but a HUGE ENDO mass surrounding my left ovary.
He was able to save the ovary and was utterly SHOCKED how bad I actually had Endo... HE said NEVER had he seen it that bad. It was all over my Liver. he took pictures to show his colleagues. GREAT MY LIVER HAS HEAD SHOTS. =)

He apologized for never believing how bad and from then on when Auntie Flo would visit he would gladly give me Oxycontin.
6 months after that Lap I had this horrible pain high up on my left side. I thought Kidney infection. I went to the walk in where they said I had to go to the ER I was urinating blood. SO of course they thought Kidney infection. Nope an ultrasound showed that my left ovary had twisted. They they wanted to do emergency surgery.

Something told me to GET OUT OF THE HOSPITAL... I had a HORRIBLE panic attack and checked myself out. Of course the Dr was not happy neither was darling hubby. ( this was all on a Saturday )

I called my Ob that Monday, told him what the ER Dr. said, he told me to come in. He did another ultrasound and this is how it went

Him: Mindy that Endo mass I removed 6 months earlier is back and BIGGER....
ME: REMOVE THE OVARY ( crying hard )
Him: I know this is not what you wanted, but I think we don't have another choice,
Me: I know... just do it. I can't keep coming back in every 6 months for this.

So the next day I had my left ovary removed. I had to stay in the hospital for 3 days I spiked a fever.

So now I am down 1 ovary and we were still trying to have another baby.....

8 months later the pain was so unbearable and I was tired of living everyday at this point in pain. I was tired of always having to tell my little monkeys.


It was time.... so on June 18th of 2008 I had everything removed. It was the day I became a broken womb less mom.

I will not lie... I HATED darling hubby for about 6 months for allowing me to have it done, I thought that he should have stopped me.
I hated myself,
I mean this is not how it was supposed to be. You grow up, get married and have babies, then when the time is right you go through the change.

I still have days where I want to crawl into the fetal position and cry...

but you know it will be 2 years this June and I HAVE NO PAIN... I can go out and play with my boys and not have to say NOT NOW...

I can live my life and KNOW that my boys are now going to grow up with fun memories of me and not of me always in pain laying on the couch...

In a way the full hysterectomy has been a blessing and a curse
I am blessed that I can now live the life that I have wanted. But cursed knowing that I will never again feel a life grow in me,
Now Darling hubby has said before
I know he is right. but I also know that at least before I had the opportunity.

What makes me the most angry is the LACK of research and the education that is lacking for OB's.

I mean if this had been a male disease that was So painful and the only cure for them was total CASTRATION... then I THINK THERE WOULD BE ALOT MORE RESEARCH DONE....

I mean COME ON.... this disease is causing woman to be infertile.... THERE HAS GOT TO BE MORE DONE!!!

SO there you have it, The story of ME....
I am sorry about the Grammer. I did forwarn you that I am horrible at it. But if you were able to read all this and NOT fall asleep I hope you learned something, and if you have a sister, daughter, wife, or mother that is going though any of these symptoms I IMPLORE you to have them tested, ( just a FYI the only way yo test for it is a LAP )
But trust me finding out early is way better than taking BC and masking the symptoms and ending up infertile.

Go get checked if you think you may have it. And if you do. I AM PRAYING FOR YOU ENDO SISTER....

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Story of ME!!!

I am going to for warn you, This is going to be long, and I am HORRIBLE at grammar so bare with me please....

The Story of ME!!!

It all started when I was a wee tike, actually I was in the 9th grade. I had the opportunity to go to WA DC with my school, While I was there I started getting these weird pains that felt like a combination of sever hunger pains and sever constipation pains ( even though I was NEITHER )
I called my mother who told me to get some Tums. I did and the pain eventually went away.

a few months later they came again, but this time it was while good ol' aunt Flo was visiting. While she came, she actually came to stay for 70 days. I told my mom my tummy hurt real bad and that aunt Flo had been visiting for 70 days. She took me to the ER where I had my first taste of a pelvic. AND OH MY GOSH!!!

I remember 2 things that day.

1- I was in a room with a prisoner and a sever alcoholic who had a tube in her


2- the Dr. that administered the Pelvic, well lets just say I hope he can still hear the ringing in his ears from where I kicked him in the head.

I remember the Dr telling my mom I had to follow up with a OB.
I went to my first OB and he and my mom felt that I needed to be on BC to stop aunt Flo. 6 a day to be exact. 3 in the AM and 3 in the PM.

it worked Aunt Flo went away.

But while it worked when I would end the pack and start the sugar pills I would be fine until that last day when I would have to start the pills again

I looked like a crack addict going through with drawls. I would shake uncontrollably, sweat would poor off me and I would be so cold that I could not get warm. Eventually I would always have to stay home the day I started the BC back up.

My mom and the OB tried me on all sorts of different BC to get my SIDE EFFECTS under control
I had graduated to taking only 1 BC a day. But even then I never did get over all the lovely side effects.
The pain however went away and I started to have more regular visits.

Fast Forward to my senior year of High School.
I still had to be on the BC and I was starting to have more painful visits. At first I thought they were cramps and they were, for all intents and purposes, but they were just so darn painful.

I graduated from high school and lost my mom and dads medical insurance so I could not longer afford the pill.

THAT'S WHEN AUNT FLO CAME BACK with a vengeance. Heck I am thoroughly convinced Auntie Flo brought the whole darn extended family with her on her visits.

I would have these visits that were so painful I would want to throw up. All the while I would here people say I was a wimp that everyone gets cramps to buck it up and deal with it.
so here I had these painful visits then on top of that Aunt Flo was only visiting for 2-3 days at a time and in that time I was unable to leave the house due to well lets just say a OVER Flo of visits.

Ok if you have made it thus far I now warn you it may get a tad TMI. so either stop reading now or don't say I didn't warn you. =)

I have now graduated from high school I was trying to go into the Marines and still dealing with a crazy female problem.

just to give you a hint about how bad it was. The pain would get so bad and come more frequently that 2 vicodin would do NOTHING for me. I would have to lay on the couch with a heating pad in the fetal position. And when Auntie Flo came I was passing more clots. ( see I told you TMI)

OK so fast forward a few more years. ( I have still been dealing with horrible pains with and without the visits from dear old drunken Aunt Flo.)

I meet my future darling hubby. I didn't know it then but he did.

We were out to dinner with some of his friends and the pain hit me like a ton of bricks. I tell him we had to go. We make it back to my mom and dads ( I still lived at home )
Darling hubby rubs my back while my mom and dad contemplate what it could be.

one thing you have to know these random pains would hit me without warning and go away as quickly as they came.

so the months past and the pains start to come alot more frequent. I start going to every Tom Dick and Harry of a Dr TRYING to find out why I was having these horrible stomach pains.
I actually had one fool say it was my gallbladder and shot radiation in me to MONITOR it.

Darling hubby and I get married. Darling hubby leaves to go on wespac and I am left to work and deal with the pain that I figure is one I will have forever.

Its not until I was at work one night ( I worked graveyard at Boeing ) I had a gal tell me about Endometreosis. WHAT?? yeah that was me too. WHAT??

a few weeks later I find a lump in my breast. I make an appointment to see my NEW ob and while there we get to talking about my visits and how they are painful and that I have been to 6 different Dr's in the past 6 months TRYING to find out why I am having these crazy tummy pains.
He too mentions the possibility of Endometreosis. He explains the only way to find out is with a simple Laproscopy procedure that takes 15 min. He explains that it is considered surgery and I would go under.

Surgery to find out if I have this Endo crud. um how could I put it. HECK NO!!! are you MENTAL... I am 21 and NOT having surgery.

he gives me a pamphlet on it that I threw on the counter when I got home ( oh the Lump it was just from alot of caffeine )

So Darling hubby calls from the middle east and I tell him what the Dr says. He says that if I need the procedure to find out do it. I tell him NO.

well shortly after Auntie PAIN IN THE BUTT FLO comes for a visit. This time it was one of the worst I had had, I had to call into work and I didn't leave my house for 2 days. I took hot baths and lived with the heating pad attached to me.
while being at home in horrible pain all alone with no one there but my cats I found the pamphlet and read it. That's when I decided WHAT THE HECK... I mean I could not continue in this constant state of pain.

I scheduled it for the following month Oct 98

I will post the rest tomorrow. I figured you are all burnt out on reading about lil ol me for the day.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I SUCK.... I really truly do.... GRRRR!!!

Ok I just have to say... I SUCK!!! No I mean it. Here I have these amazing moments

to document things in my boys everyday lives and I NEVER THINK OF THE CAMERA...

Really I don't and because of it I MISS some pretty special times where I could get

some pictures that would last a life time. SO I am going to try and be really good

about getting photos of my boys. I AM... I am going to try very hard.

So here is one of those times.

You see Grasshopper is taking Apologia Science Zoology and he has to make a birds

nest using only twigs, leaves, grass and moss.

Well My darling hubby who can make ANYTHING... ( I swear the man was a master

carpenter in a former life. )

he helped the monkeys build their first ever nest. So here are a few photos of my

three darlings.

OH this drives me BONKERS....

Ok I have to say that this issue makes me so angry I wanna scream...

If you are a dog owner then this is for you.....

Please, Please, Please for the love of everything holy and good. DO NOT PUT YOUR DOG IN THE BACK END OF A PICK UP TRUCK AND DRIVE!!!!

I hate this so much and it makes me angry when I see dogs loose in the back end of a truck. It is SOOOOO not safe.

I saw a truck go flying past me yesterday on the way to the Dr's on the highway doing at least 70 with their beautiful Great Pyrenees in the back. Not only was it in the back of the pick up truck this truck had a HUGE tool box in the bed of the truck and a bunch of other tools leaving this poor dog NO ROOM.

and as if that was not bad enough it was 28 degrees out... COME ON FOLKS USE YOUR BRAIN.. I swear this irks my pickle in case you didn't know...

I swear some folks should not be dog owners.

on a totally unrelated topic I now have 2 sick little boys. Rang Tang did NOT have strep thank you very much but a virus none the less and now Grasshopper is sick with a tummy virus. OY VEY...

and as if that was not bad enough. I wanted to warn all my readers about HIP MONKEY... I bought a car seat from them which they had no problem taking my money KNOWING they didn't have the car seat in stock and would not for sometime.
Just be careful if you are buying online.

and one more good thing. There is a gals blog I follow Our Journey Westward

Anyways if you go to her blog she has ALOT of curriculum on sale. I just bought a ton for REALLY CHEAP....
so go get yourself some great deals.

and As always have a blessed day.

Monday, January 11, 2010

short and sweet. Just like my little man....

Well this is going to be a super short one. As I have a very sick little Rang-Tang...

He started complaining of a sore throat last night, which is never good with him

( he is a big time strep carrier )

then he went to bed at 10 which again is early for my monkeys. ( we homeschool )

and then at 3am he spiked a fever. So we are off today to see are Wonderful Dr.

And here I was SUPER excited that I didn't have to go ANYWHERE today.... ( I have

been on the go daily for over a month.. AND I HATE IT. )

So there you have it folks. I will let you all know what the good Dr said.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Getting to know you...ME??? No YOU.... oh whatever

Ok this is my first ever GETTING TO KNOW YOU..ME.. YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.... Im a virgin at this.. hehehehe
this was started over on this crazy chippies blog

so here is the Questions and answers. I warn you before you continue. IT CAN GET RACY. ( is that even a word? And if so Did I even spell it right?)

1. If you were stranded on a desert island and could pick one person to be stranded with you..Who would you pick? Family members not included.

Hmmmm.... seeing how this is made up I would say Jesus. Why you ask? quite simple. HE CAN TURN WATER TO WINE AND HAVE MENNA FALL FROM THE SKY... I mean bread and wine. Not bad...

2. Do you read celebrity gossip?

Nope.... I mean a title will catch my eye in the line at the supermarket but I don't buy them. WASTE OF MONEY AND TREE'S.. I don't need other folks drama and stuff in my already busy hectic life.

3. Favorite show you're waching this season?

I like shows like Criminal Minds, SVU, NCIS, and LOVE the BIG BANG THEROY...

4. How tall are you?

In reality 5'4, but A girl can dream, and in my dream I am 5'10 and ALL LEGS...

5. What was the last book you read?

I am reading the Bible right now but that last book I actually read and finished was
I really like murder mysteries.

6. Flats or heels?


7. If you had to choose one natural disaser to go through, what would you choose..Earthquake, Tornado, or Hurricane?

UM NONE PLEASE.... Been through earthquake and tornado and CAN I SAY SCARED THE EVER LIVING CRAP OUTTA ME....
so if I had to choose it would be a hurricare. That way I could get the heck outta dodge.

8. Thong, panties, or (gasp) granny panties?

Have you EVER seen a photo of me? If you had you would know that it does not matter what I wear.. I AM A BIG OL FAT GIRL AND EVERYTHING eventually TURNS INTO A THONG ON ME....

Friday, January 8, 2010

HTML... WHAT??????

Ok this is about to drive me directly to the funny farm, no stopping at GO and no collecting $200 dollars.

HTML REALLY? I mean come on, do they actually expect everyday moms like me with the average IQ of what 60? to understand these? I mean why is there no site out there that's like


I read blogs. ( shhh!!!! don't tell anyone my dirty little secret. ) but I do, and the blogs I read ( you can actually see a list of the ones I find interesting and inspiring to the left of my blog. HEHEHE I felt like an Airline Attendant for a sec... )
anywho I digress. ( yes I have the attention span of a rabid monkey, but that is neither here, nor there. )
I look at these other moms and yes there is a dad and they have these AMAZING blogs, the layouts are SPECTACULAR
( I used a big word. Time for a nap )
and all I can say is

WHAAAA!!!!! I WANT ONE TOO!!!!! sniff! sniff!

But I am also smart enough to know that there is NO WAY ON GOD'S GREEN EARTH I AM EVER GOING TO FIGURE IT OUT... Why even bother?? I mean HELLOOOO I know I am SO NOT SMART ENOUGH, I mean I am smart enough to KNOW I am not smart enough... So I am just going to have to bite the bullet and pay one of these brilliant moms that DO KNOW how to do them to make me my very own personal LAUGH IN YOUR FACE SHAAAZAMMM!!!! BLOG LAYOUT....

Now I will have to actually convince darling hubby that I REALLY DO NEED THIS....

ANYONE HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS on HOW to convince darling hubby? Or WHO makes these
FAB-U-LOW-SO layouts?

Thursday, January 7, 2010

SO this is it....

It is the best I could do seeing how my brain litteraly mealted over Christmas break. I mean WHO KNOW THAT I WOULD FORGET HOW TO CHANGE MY BLOG?

So here is the one that will have to work until I can
A- Find my brain cells I lost
B- have time to fiddle with this darn blog
C- actually break down and pay someone to make me one.

either way TA-DAAA!!!!

So please bear with me till I get everything back up and running.

So stay tuned I have a very important announcment coming soon.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Can't seem to be Happy

I have NO idea what is going on.... I have NO reason Not to be happy. I have a wonderful darling hubby, 2 of the greatest kids ever, a home that is MINE. we are all healthy ( well darling hubby is incredibly sick ) but otherwise I should be on sunshine.
Yet I am so not motivated, I have NO energy. I want to do nothing but sleep,

I swear I had all these grand plans to get things done yesterday, like changing the blog. Well after 3 hours of messing with it NOTHING except the background but I can't for the life of me remember how to change the template.

I had stuff to get togehter fo Logans school Nope didn't get that done either, the house work has not been done in a week, Laundry is piling up and I just can't seem to care..

I ask that you all say a pray for me, Please ask the Lord to kick me in the behind so I can get motivated.

I pray that 2010 does get me into a better funk.