Thursday, October 30, 2008

If you love your children I BEG YOU TO WATCH THIS

I just watched this and it made me sick to my stomach.... PLEASE WATCH IT...

having a grumpy day....

So I am in a foul mood. no idea why just am. Logan is playing the I DON"T KNOW HOW TO LOOK UP A WORD IN THE DICTIONARY GAME today which really set me off. I can't stand it when he decided to play stupid. I so know he is not but he acts like this at least once a week.

I am soooooo not wanting to go to the Burger king meeting. I really just don't want to work.... Maybe thats why I am in a foul mood.

either way I am. I think I will go take a hot shower and have a cupcake. they always put a smile on my face.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's beginging to feel alot like Christmas...

so it was freaking COLD yesterday and this AM it was NIPPY I was bundled under the blanket with hot coffee. but like normal Texas weather it got fairly warm in the afternoon.
the boys and I did lots of school work and I spent the entire day cutting out paper for the Thanksgiving lap book the kids are making at Coop for November....

I made a AWESOME roasted chicken in the oven it turned out wicked awesome and tasty.... we had mashed taters and gravy and pea's Brae picked the veggie. Nolan was not home he has been staying late to get school work done and Although I know he needs to get it done I am so not used to not seeing him but a hour a day... I will be so grateful when he is finished with school.

on a side note my Niece Jordan turned 11 today so HAPPY BIRTHDAY JORDAN.....
tomorrow I have school work with the boys I have a meeting at Burger King for management position I will go see what they have to offer. I am torn part of me wants to help out with the bills but then there is a bigger part of me that does not want to work but stay home with my boys. either way I will know more tomorrow. Who knows maybe this will be good for me to get out a few nights a week and make money.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

coolest thing EVER....

ok so I am making this lap book and with the print outs it had these two sheets that had the alphabet on them. 1 was Old Tesitment and the other was New testiment well it said you can use them as place mats to help the kids. WELLLLL............ My crazy mind got to thinking. (yes my mind is a very SCARY PLACE... think ALIEN vs PREDITOR) ANYWHO I had this fabric and I got to thinking HMMMM...... (smell the smoke yet?)

anywho... what I did was cut up the alphabet into individual pieces and glued them onto a piece of fabric I had laying around. after doing that I got the brilliant idea to do the whole side with old testiment things like Creation. The 10 commandments and the books of the old testiment. this way while Brae is eating he can read it and learn the books of the old testiment and the alphabet and the 10 commandments. he already knows creation since he did a lap book on it.
the other side will be all new testiment things the alphabet and the the birth of our savior Jesus and the books of the new testiment and other things that I think he will enjoy. Now this photo is a work in progress once it is all done I will take it to Mardels ( its a Christian Book store ) and have it laminated. If it works out well I am going to make some other ones and see about selling them at the little craft outlet we have here. so with out further ado.... here is the almost finished product.

Monday, October 27, 2008

I never thought I would say this

But thank the Lord its Monday.... man we had a busy weekend. Friday I was down for the count with a migraine Saturday we had to get up at 6:30 for Logan's soccer pictures and game which they won. Then off to Lowe's to by shelves and ended up doing the kids building shop ran into Dan and Susan went to lunch with them came home Nolan started building the shelves and I was doing school prep Logan had a friend from soccer over so they all ran around and looked for snakes and bugs. then we all got cleaned up went to church then to take Caleb home and after all that it was 10 before we got home. Logan had a headache and crashed brae refused to go to bed said he was staying up building Lego ships 2 min later crashed on the couch and Sunday was spent cleaning house and relaxing then I took the boys to our Church fall festival at church then came home made dinner and watched so,me TV then to bed.... I swear our weekends fly by thankfully this weekend we have NO plans... the closets are done and we can relax and be a family,.

Sorry I have not had alot of funny things lately but been busy.... the boys are starting a Halloween lap book today so as soon as its done I will post pictures. also Brae is just about finished with his pumpkin lap book so I will post pictures on that soon.

Friday, October 24, 2008

headache? it must be friday

So I went to bed with one and lucky me I woke up with one. YUCK.......So I am cold sitting with a blanket wrapped around me and hot coffee.. brrrrr...... so I am spending the day on the couch doing school work with the boys and staying in my Jammie's. I don't have to go ANYWHERE.. yeah I can't even believe it.. a day that I can stay home. WHO KNEW...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Brrrr..... Its getting COOOOLLLLDDD

Man its finally getting to feel like autumn. I mean HELLO ITS OCTOBER 23rd it should be cold. Today we had a high of 69 and its now in the low 50's... I SOOOO love this weather. I am itching to have our first fire in the fire place....
Now I wonder.... is it to early to decorate for Christmas?

some pictures from the farmth

here are some photos form yesterday at the farm. FYI it was 70 degree's and you would have thought it was 50 the way the boys were shivering... I was in a tank.. Darn Texas has ruined my boys.. the jacket Brae has on is mine that I had in the car.

Soccer Wow its been a great season.... The boys are having so much fun, I have the sweetest boys. So I thought I would share some photos of our last game.

other than soccer we have been super busy. We were gone all day Tuesday to coop art and basketball and then Wednesday we we gone most of the day to The world hunger relief farm for a field trip. it was so cool the boys tryed unpasturised goat milk and they really liked it. They learned all about composting and helping others.
We are also preparing for Oma and Big Daddy to arrive on the 24th of November. The boys are SOOOOOO EXCITED to see them. They ask daily when they will be here. I swear my kids are lucky to have a Oma and Big Daddy that they love to spend time with and that they in turn love to spend time with the boys. I am so blessed in that. they are wonderful grandparents to my boys.
Well Home schooling is going great Brae has done 3 lap books now.
A is for Adam
B is for Beatitude
and Creations.

we are currently working on a pumpkin lapbook and Logan asked to do a lapbook on Bears all the different kinds of bears... did you know that the koala bear is NOT a bear? neither did I... see I learned something new. and that the Sun bear that is the smallest of the bears is the most aggressive? and that the Brown bear and Grizzly are one in the same? see these are so interesting even I learn while doing them....

ok well I need to go do some school work. I will post more photos of the farm soon. and the lapbooks.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


so yesterday I woke up with a in grown toe nail on my big toe right foot. so it was hurting. later that day I was in the garage getting a roll of butcher paper out to lay on the floor for brae to Finger Paint. Now the roll is huge and weights maybe 10 lbs. as I was moving the chicken coop wire mesh the rool slipped and fell onto my pinky toe on my right foot and broke it... so I am officially a gimp for a few days. No I didn't go to the Dr there is nothing they can do for me so its a waste of money. so for now I am misrable and in pain.. Thankfully I have NO where to go tomorrow I was gone all day at Coop and art class for both Logan and brae then to Dan's for Birthday dessert. Nolan made him Pineapple upside down cake Dan;s favorite so Now I am home and off to put my foot up...

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Saturday and WOW...

so I didn't get to bed till after 1 and had to get up bright and early for Logan's Soccer Game. His team did so well I am so proud of all of them.
After the game we took the boys to Michaels for their Saturday craft project it was a foam pumpkin that they decorated. Brae turned his into a vampire and Logan turned his into a spider. Very cute.

now we are cleaning the chicken coop and ducks and then we have church at 5:30 and then to dinner with Dan and Susan for Dan's birthday. so I am just a tad tired. Granted yesterday the boys and I took apart the boys bunk beds and moved them into our room, seeing how they end up in there every night I figured at least they can be in there in their own bed.
so I am stiff.
well I will post pictures of the pumpkins in a few days.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Lord-E Lord-E I have been BUSYYYYYY

Ok so where to begin.....

Friday- Got up and went Garage Selling and got some great deals. I got a brand new dog house for the ducks... Yes you read right the ducks... Dumb ducks don't like to get wet. Go figure.
got Logan a Razor scooter for 7 dollars it looks brand new. and then a few odds and ends that were a good deal.. OH tons of Levi pants for Logan that look as if they have not been worn.... so after being gone all day I came home and crashed on the sofa from the long going, going, going week.

Saturday- got up at oh God thirty actually 7 but still had to get to Logan's very first soccer game which his team did AMAZING. they won but that's not what was so Amazing.. the team support they gave each other and the encouragement was just heart warming.. I love my team they so rock... Like Logan biffed it and Cesar ran back to help him up and see if he was OK....

after the game Susan, Patty, Joanna and I drove up to Canton Texas for the trade days and WOW... that place is MASSIVE... I could have stayed there for days...there was booths EVERYWHERE.... I bought a few pumpkins that I can put on the dining room table that have scripture engraved on them. I got the boys some sidewalk paint and the cutes little Chicken wood yard thingies that I had engraved. one says

HANGIN WITH MY PEEPS and then the other two have the boys names on them.. I thought they were hilarious.... We got home about midnight. it was a LONG day.....
I crashed and don't think I have slept that hard in 10 years....

Sunday- after waking up stiff and sore from the day before I got my lazy butt up showered and went to Joanna's for a Stampin Up party. Had a blast and the kids played with her kids in her back yard.... Robin the girl that sells it... OK WAY TO MUCH CREATIVITY FOR ONE HUMAN BEING... I am not kidding this lady is not normal.... she made the cutes things.... Crazy I tell yeah.... so after that I came home crawled onto the couch and died....

Monday- we got up I had a pot pf coffee and did school work with the boys... we had to cancel practice massive rain storms and thunder so i was actually happy about that. I was tired.
so here it is Tuesday and I am off to take Logan to the Dentist and Art class and pick up my friends kids from school. So the week is off to another on the go week.....

if you have managed to read all the way to the bottom I congratulate you cause I am tired just typing this... imagine reading it....

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Mom's Night out Craft

So our Homeschool group had a mom's night out. And it was at a friends house, we had Yummy Olive Garden Lasagna and Greek Salad and we did the funnest craft ever... I can't wait to do these with the boys. here is the one I did...

It was so easy and fun and I am thinking these will make Wicked Awsome Christmas gifts

Blog's, Myspace, Facebook OH MY

So not only do I now Blog, and have a Myspace but Now my sister got me hooked on Facebook.... I swear I am spending more time on the puter than in the shower cleaning my nasty self....

So I was thinking,. Yes I know its a scary thought. But anywho The internet is a bad addiction for me... Maybe I need an intervention...... NAHHHH!!! I am not a ADDICT.... if anything I am addicted to lapbooks. I spent alot of time searching about them yesterday and I LOVED it....

So if any of you call and I don't answer its probably cause I have been sucked into the puter....

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

B is for Brae and Beatitude lap books

OK so first off. Whomever invented Lap books. I could so KISS THEM.... cause for those of you that know me and my kids you know that trying to get Brae to do any type of learning is IMPOSSIBLE.... he has the attention span of a freaking gnat. So when I downloaded the B is for Beatitude off of CurrClick I thought Maybe just Maybe Brae would like this...

AND BOY DID HE EVER... 3 hours straight he had the best time ever. He kept saying LETS DO MORE MOMMY... I am so incredibly proud of him. He did so well Of course the scissors were a bit of a challenge at first seeing how he is ambidextrous and uses both hands equally well. But all in all he did great and We are now working on A is for Adam and Gods Creation. I will post pictures of them when we finish those up. But for now I would like to advise all parents of kids weather they are home schooled or not MAKE A LAP BOOK WITH YOUR CHILD...they will cherish the time they spend with you and the book itself. and you will treasure the memories.

here are Braes pictures.