Sunday, September 5, 2010

naughty little secret

I have a naughty little secret, I know I am a mom and wife I should not have any naughty secrets but I do...

I LOVE the TV show Bones. I sometimes fantasies that I am a squint ( like people are actually that smart.. PUULLEEZZEE) and I live this fascinating life and travel all over the world and see the most amazing things and solve all these crimes.

Ok lets get real, the most amazing place I go these days is into my bedroom to have realistic ( naughty dreams wink wink!!!) and the only crime I solve is the murder of the nasty grimy goopy poo monsters in my bathroom.

And as for the pretty white lab coat I would wear if I where a squint, would have to be left on the coat rack for I would inevitably get some hellatious hot flashes that would leave pretty pit stains under the pits?

And really Do I want to look at all that old dusty stuff? I mean HELLO ALLERGIES... and the grossness of the dead bodies. Yep that is my gag reflux kicking in....

No I guess I am right where I should be. Sitting on my sofa in my shorts and tank top drinking my yummy coffee watching Bones and typing out this post...

Yep Life is good.

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