Saturday, September 4, 2010


Well I know I have been MIA for A LONG while. I just really fell outta touch with all this blogging. I guess like any thing you can get burned out. So for those of you that read and follow I am sorry I left you all hanging. I will try and be better.

Now I wanted to talk about change. No not the stuff littering the bottoms of your purses with all the lint from you pockets, but change as in I CHANGED....

You see I grew up the baby of 4 girls, and if you ask any one of my 3 older sisters they would all tell you, THEY LOVED ME CAUSE I WAS THEIR SISTER BUT HATED ME AS A PERSON.. I was RUDE, WHINY and well a NEGATIVE NANCY... I was and still am spoiled by my mommy. But growing up I didn't really have a relationship with my sisters.

Then I got married and became preggo at the same time one of my oldest sisters was preggo, believe it or not I think this was a total gift.

First because I was not supposed to conceive and second said sister and I were not close. But I know that the Lord did this to bring us closer. I mean we were both preggo at the same time. She was working on her second and me on my first. So naturally I turned to her for everything.

we had our boys and we were finally friends. Not as close as one would like but closer than we had ever been.

Then 6 years ago the Lord moved my family to Texas ( it was a tough move ) but as much as I hated leaving my friends and family I now know the Lord had this planned and it was the best thing.
We had some ROUGH patches here in Texas, one great thing that happened was I found the Lord and became saved. I prayed every night for the Lord to give me one friend. ( he answered that prayer with 2 amazing woman ) but he started to change me. I found that things I said or did before I no longer wished to do or say.

The ugliness and bitterness that I had carried around for 28 years started to melt away. I KNEW I was changing and it was for the better.

Fast forward to tonight. I was talking to Said sister whom I love dearly and pray for her nightly.

And she told me that she can' t believe the woman I turned out to be, I am a great mother and she thinks the world of me. ( I am paraphrasing, I mean come on I gotta toot my own horn. =)

For my sisters are my heart. They are woman I admire and care deeply for, I am not Wise ( my sister says I am boy do i have her fooled. ) I am not some mom that has a magic book.
( although I think my sister thinks I do. )

I am a Daughter of Christ that showed me that my life was NOT my life rather it was his to do with what he wanted.
I am who I am because I have him, and I know this as I know that if I pricked my finger I would bleed.

So in the last six year I have changed and I hope and pray that I continue to change. I pray that I can become the woman that my sisters can be proud of and admire, for I admire and honor them.

Karla you are one of the strongest woman I know. Please don't for one second think otherwise. I am here to hold your hand through this chapter in your life. ( stop crying I know you are. )

Lisa You make me laugh and remind me of so many memories that we shared whether they were happy or sad, You have always been my protector, from the time Kelly pushed me in the hedges to the time I dated a guy you hated. I love you.

So this is my change. I embrace it and welcome it.....
lint and all

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Anonymous said...

Ok so you know me all to well. Yes I was crying as I read your words. Mindy like I told you yesturday. I am so very very proud of you and the person you have become. You are an amazing mother, friend, sister and wife. Your words and actions show in eveything you do to aspire to be the best. I so do miss not having you here and wish that you were not so far away. You are an angel that God has created and you are an inspiration. Hell a funny one at that too.. I love you Mindy and am proud to call you my sister and my friend. MUAH!!!!

Love Karla