Wednesday, June 16, 2010

You did What WHERE???????

I know I have said it before ( more like WHINED about it ) but I REALLY am surrounded by testosterone.

Monday night the Hubs and monkeys and I take a drive down to Bryan, Which is about a hour and half from us. ( we went there looking at a tent trailer. )

so after checking out the trailer we start heading back home. We get about 10 min down the road to a DEAD STOP. ( we were on a 4 lane highway )
Oh before we left the RV place Grasshopper said he had to use the potty. ( the RV place was closed so we told him when we stopped up the road for dinner he could go )


so as we are sitting in the parking lot formorly known as Highway 6 Grasshopper is squriming in his seat saying


so hubs hands him a cup and says HAVE AT IT

" WHAT!!!! "

Hubs says its dark and make sure you get it IN THE CUP. ( it was a Micky D's Cup ) I was like wait. Here add the paper towel to the bottom so it absorbs.

After much giggling from Rang and Grasshopper AND ME ( as I was thinking to myself I SOOOO NEED A GIRL )

I mean I would no sooner think of relieving myself in a cup as I would fly to the moon. AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN

But I guess when you have boys things like this is the Norm. ( again I grew up in a house with girls NO boys ) so things like this JUST didn't happen.

But as we were in the middle of NO where what are ya gonna do???

So after Grasshopper Rang decided HE too could not hold it.
So as he is trying, and laughing hard ( and I in my infanite wisdom just KNOW he is going to miss and get it all over the van I poiltly state

Rang stop Jacking off and just go!!! ( only to look at hubs who has completly lost it laughing at my CHOICE of words. ) thank the Lord the boys had NO clue what my slip of the tongue ment.

Needless to say we didn't get home till way late as the highway was shut down for a real long time.
But I now know that it is in fact possible to go ANYWHERE!!!

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