Saturday, June 19, 2010

What would you do????

so let me start off by saying this week has not been a good one. Brae and his eye,. Then I found out some upsetting news about my niece then yesterday and then last night my fur baby Koda was bit by a snake. I mean HELLO WHEN IT RAINS IT POURS....

But today is a new day and I refuse to be in a bad mood or sad. I am going to have a good day...

The sun is shining and tonight is My Brothers Keeper which is where a group of us go to the local homeless shelter and feed the homeless, It really is a wonderful service we are doing the community.

My boys LOVE to go there and interact with the men and woman.

they have met so many interesting people. In fact there are times were we will be at the library and we will run into a few of them. The boys will walk up and say

" Hello so and so, How are you? " and they remember the boys and will be so excited that these little boys will talk to them when most folks in there day to day lives look right through them as if they didn't exist.

I ask and wonder, do you do anything like this with your kids? Do your kids know that these men and woman have stories and if you take the time to get to know them you can learn so much.

Not all homeless men and woman are drunks or druggies.. most that we have encountered are just down on their luck or have medical issues that caused them to stop working that in turn caused them to lose their homes.

I challenge you to go out of your comfort zone and do something for a homeless person this coming week.

Not only will it bless them, it will bless your family so much more.
Ask yourself, Would you stop and talk to this man?

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