Saturday, June 12, 2010

Trying NOT to Judge But REALLY????

Ok I really try not to judge others, I mean WHO AM I TO SAY WHAT ONE SHOULD DO.... But I have to say this one topic really has gotten my prim and proper panties in a real tangle,

This whole mess with Abby Sunderland is in a word STUPID... I mean who on earth says.

"You know my 16 year old is so mature and skilled to sail, I think I am going to let her sail around the world by herself."

I mean What on Earth were they thinking???

Then the poor girl gets into trouble and there is a Manhunt for her. I am thankful that she was found safe, BUT REALLY? Now I want to know WHO pays for that search and rescue?

Now I guess I am more upset at the fact she had to be rescued. I mean What if because of the search for her someone else lost their lives for lack of the help they needed?

I just think this family was very selfish in WANTING TO BREAK A STUPID RECORD..
( yeah lets put our child's life in danger all so she can beat a record )

I mean SHE IS A MINOR... where is CPS ( or whatever you call it in your state? )
I mean this is a classic case of Child endangerment if there ever was one...

But it seems as if NOTHING was ever done to protect this child.

I read that the parents said she really wanted to do this and she was very skilled.


Last I check YOU ARE THE ADULT... and I don't care how skilled she is. SHE IS 16 PEOPLE... HOW SKILLED CAN A 16 year old be???

I even read that EXPERIENCED sailors told her folks that it was not a good idea, For one she was going to be in the Indian Ocean at a horrible time, And yet these "RESPONSIBLE" parents still thought it was a good idea.

All in all I think that the Parents SHOULD be held accountable for letting their 17 year old son do it last year AGAIN a minor and now her.

There should be charges brought against them and they should have to pay for ALL The time and fuel it cost to rescue her.

So I say SHAME ON THEM.....

Now I will go back to my NONE JUDGEMENTAL SELF....


Kathryn said...

Lets not totally bash on the parents here.. Kids will say and do what they want especially at that age. I don't think she went up to her parents on day and said" hey? I want to sail the world" and her parents immediatly saying "ok".. There have had to have been some argument in this.

And just because the mission failed every one is bashing her. So what would have happened if she succeeded? TOTALLY different story.

Kids are going to do what they want and I think compared to what other kids are doing I think it was pretty cool. But yes they should have picked a different time to do it. 16 years old is not that young if you think about it..

but this is just my oppinion. I think she is brave for doing what she did, and WOW what an awsome way to connect with your self and GOD!

Mindy Skains Independant Scentsy Consultant said...

I didn't bash her because she failed. I was in shock and AWE that she was doing this AT ALL. SHE is 16 and I don't care what was said. The fact of the matter is SHE IS A MINOR and left ALONE.

Plain and Simple.

Sharon said...

Having a true moral compass and recognizing (and commenting on) a lack of common sense and parental responsibility doesn't make you judgmental whatsoever. I agree with you on every point. For those who feel these parents need to be defended, let me change the scenario a bit:

If you had a sixteen year old who wanted to stroll through a known very dangerous part of town alone at 2 am, would you say ....sure, sweety, or would you exercise your better judgment and say NO? That situation is no more dangerous (perhaps less) than the one the Sunderland's placed their daughter into ....NO MATTER willing.

Yes, my (not so) prim panties are in a twist about this also ...parents who are afraid to be parents and do what's BEST for their child in the face of opposition.