Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Candy Negotiations

So it has been, and so it will be, until the time they are making their own decisions.


You know the "Can I have this and this?" Or "this and that?" Or "how about this BOG piece and then this sucker???"

Now whether you are a LET THEM EAT IT ALL AT ONCE kinda mom or a Lets space it out to last kinda mom ( which I am )
We have all been through the Candy Negotiations in some form or another.

I know that if I let them eat it all and get rid of it I will not have candy woes anymore. However My right Brain, or is it my left? Which ever darn side that has the reasoning part ( ***NOTE TO SELF, RESEARCH WHICH SIDE CONTROLS THE REASONING )

I just can't let them eat it all. I think WHAT IF I did they got a cavity ( because somewhere in my crazy brain I think that spacing the candy out, will prevent cavities )

Or WHAT IF they get a tummy ache. Or What If they go into diabetic shock. NO THEY ARE NOT DIABETIC. But WHAT IF they did became diabetic because I let them eat it all.

( oh man my brain is a SCARY frustrating maze of confusion and STUPIDITY... )

Can one take an actual brake from their brain?? If they can I SO NEED IT....

So I ask. What kind of mom or dad are you?


Anonymous said...

Oh I am an Eat it Eat it Eat it and if there is any left at the end of the week then its going in the trash or to school to the teachers. Hell if its sticken around I will eat it and that is not good.


Mindy Skains Independant Scentsy Consultant said...

oh your little BIRD figure NEEDS some SUGAR... hehehehe