Thursday, May 27, 2010

It's OK

I BORROWED this from this site.

Attention “Super-Moms” It's O.K. to…

Often, as parents we are tired! Frazzled by never ending obligations, we sometimes neglect to fully engage with our kids. Try to enjoy the little parenting moments as they happen.

•It’s OK to have a messy house sometimes.

•It’s OK to get a sitter and go out.

•It’s OK to stay home with the kids — watch a movie or play a game!

•It’s OK to make cookies this year from frozen Pillsbury dough instead of homemade.

•It’s OK to sit in the warm car at the park while you watch your older kids go sledding.

•It’s OK to re-gift — its green!

•It’s OK to give your kids less gifts ... they will appreciate them more.

•It’s OK to say NO without giving a reason!

•It’s OK to order pizza 3 times this week because life is busy — and the kids will actually eat it!

•It’s OK to go to a party with baby spit-up on your shoulder and down your back.

•It’s OK to let the kids have a little extra TV, computer or game time if it helps keep you sane.

•It’s OK to let go of the parenting guilt! We all do our best.

•It’s OK to not be perfect!


Nicole said...

I've totally done the sitting in my car watching the kids sled thing!

Mindy Skains Independant Scentsy Consultant said...

as I live in Texas an we NEVER get snow, I can't say that I have done that one. The rest YEP