Saturday, May 22, 2010

Itchy!!! oh the Itch

Well I know I have been MIA for along time. I have been in a major funk, Depression or whatever, just NOT in a blogging mood. Heck I can't even remember the last time I visited my mommies on Blog Frog.

So here is the latest from my neck of the woods.

I am going to be a grandma..... No not to my monkeys to my kitty. My cat Skittles the little HUSSY escaped outside while in heat, ( yea I know I should have had her fixed ) but with my crazy hectic life this past few months it was a wonder I managed to even pee....

Skittles is due to POP any day. We are praying and hoping she holds off until Monday as that is Grasshoppers 10th birthday.... But if she pop's today that will be ok as today is my Sissy's 36th birthday....

speaking of my monkeys. They had friends over a week ago for dinner and decided to traipse through the woods and are now both suffering from a bad case of

POISON OAK/IVY/SUMAC as we are not certain what they got into but they are SUFFERING.... in case you don't have an idea what it looks like here ya go

THIS IS NOT A PHOTO OF MY MONKEYS... but one I borrowed from the Internet.

Now grasshopper has it WAY worse than Rang tang. Regardless it is was real pain in the butt. I mean there does not seem to be any REAL cure. We have tried the cortisone lotion, that did nothing. I refuse to take him to get a steroid shot as Poison Oak/Ivy/Sumac has been around forever and folks have been using homeopathic things to rid themselves of this that I KNOW I can find something better than injecting toxins into my monkey.

If he were in so much pain then YES I would do the shot, but as of now he has been tolerating it.

I read that mixing salt and Calamine lotion together and messaging it into the spots works.

So yesterday I had them wash down with Dawn dish soap then rubbed the mixture in and let it sit for about 20 min then rinsed in cold water. Grasshopper said that gave him the most relief so as of now that is the treatment we are doing.

NOW BY ALL MEANS if you know of a better NON-TOXIC one please let me know.

As for me I am sitting at work with one heck of a stomach bug. I FEEL LIKE POO-POO.... But like all moms everywhere


on a bright note I went to the homeschool convention in Arlington and had a GREAT TIME.... Overwhelmed by all the choices but very happy with the decisions I made....

This year we are giving Common Sense Press a try for Lit/English Bible and Rang's phonics.

We are sticking with Math-U-See as I am 100% completely IN LOVE with Steve Demme, HE has made learning math FUN for my kids.... Rang who just turned 6 is FLYING through it and is able to do double digit addition.... Grasshopper is now better at math than I think I am, ITS AMAZING.... and the best part was

wait for it.......

I met Steve Demme, at the convention.... I was so excited I thought I would piddle myself.....If you don't know who he is then I suggest you take a trip to here

I got my photo taken with him and he signed the Manipulative's box for both boys.... they were excited that he knew their names.
needless to say he was to us home school moms like the Beetles where to the 50's and 60'

Oh and I also went to Todd Wilson's workshop and this man is great. I recommend all husbands and wives read his books. they are super small but FUNNY and so true. his website is called Familyman Ministies and he is well take a peek for yourselves.

so this has been us in a nut shell...

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