Sunday, May 23, 2010

In need of Help!!!!!

Ok I have a Mama Cat that is fixin to pop and I HAVE NEVER been through this before. I have been doing research on the net to make sure I am prepared, I have her Nesting box ( actually hubby is gettin it all now as I type this. ) so this is the list of things I have/getting

-Nesting Box
-fake cat milk
-old towels
-heating blanket
-kitten food ( I read that mama will need to eat kitten food after having the babies )

so I am asking, no begging and pleading with all of you out there that has experience with this what to expect, and what to do if I need to help out.

Also I am so fearful of something happening to Skittles during birth. I am prepared to have a stillborn as I read its common to lose 1 but I am NOT prepared to lose my mama kitty. She is actually Rang's cat and I can't imagine him losing yet again a beloved pet ( we lost another cat a year ago and a gerbil ) Rang took them both very hard.

So again HELP!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Don't worry. Her body knows what to do and she will be fine! Watch videos on utube so you know what to expect. Love to you and Kitty Mama too!

ALI said...

I've never been through this, as I have dogs that we get fixed as soon as they are old enough.

But... I wanted to wish you luck!