Thursday, May 6, 2010

Do you ever?

get in the mood where you just don't want to do something? That's how I have been with the Blog. I know its been well, A LONG time since I posted. Its just I have NOTHING to say... ( ya ya get the laughing out. ME NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY ) I mean my nickname growing up was WINDY MINDY.. and it was NOT because I was Flatulent. OR WAS I???? =)

I have just been crazy busy with Life... The boys suck the life outta me. ( not complaining.. ) but between working, homeschooling, taking care of the house and trying to drum up donations for our Curriculum sale I don't have time to think about being funny. ( SHOCK & GASP!!! ) you mean I am not just naturally charming? UMMMMM NO!!!

Its freaking hard work man. And to top all that off my allergies have my nose either stuffed to the point that I can't breath and sound like a man, or it is running like someone broke through Hoover damn. either way I AM NOT A HAPPY CAMPER...

Speaking of camping, We are trying to decide if we want to camp at the campground in Disney world or stay in a hotel. I am leaning towards the campground for many reasons.

1- I like to camp

2- we can stay at DW longer for cheaper than if we stayed at a hotel

3- I like to camp

4- I can take my poopies with me, which I was having a serious panic attack thinking WHO IS GOING TO TAKE CARE OF MY BABIES???

5- I like camping

so there you have it. I am in a pickle so to speak. And it would be a DILL pickle as sweet pickles are GROSS....and all should be banned from earth. That and Miricle Whip... I MEAN HELLO PEOPLE... IT IS NOT MAYO I don't care what you all say.. IT IS NOT MAYO it is NASTY BUTT SALAD DRESSING and does NOT I repeat NOT belong on a sandwich of any kind, unless its a SWEET PICKLE SANDWICH then I say CHOKE ON IT... they are both DE-S-GUS-TING!!!!

Oh well would you lookey there.. I DID HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY....

Windy Mindy lives to tell it how it is.


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