Sunday, April 18, 2010

Too Much

I was thinking the other day, Yes I do that from time to time and it can get scary, But I was thinking, I am totally out numbered by Testostorone, I mean I am surrounded by boys that LOVE anything and all things GROSS...

Boogers? Just another body part ( especially when they want to show the BIG ONE... )

Farts? heck thats just your butt saying hello...

Stinking? arn't all boys supposed to smell like day ol road kill?

These are just a few of the many things I live with daily... I am always on them about saying excuse me when they pass gas, but apperantly there is some unspoken rule amongest boys that when one does release gas to roll on the floor laughing like someone just told the best joke ever.

As for the boogers I mean I swear their fingers are attached to their noses. I am always saying

GET YOUR FINGER OUT OF YOUR NOSE... I never thought that would be a statement that I say on a regular basis like one says

And don't even get me started on the belching. They can make a truck driver proud with that gift.

So as I am constantly reminded of the simple fact that I am the ONLY female in a home of boys I would think being at work is my saftey zone, I mean seriousely how can one be grossed out at work???

WELL APPERENTLY THEY CAN.... I would like to introduce you all to our newest item in the store.

seems harmelss enough right?

WRONG... this is out flatulent pig... yep its a whoopie Cushion pig... and my many customers get a real kick outta this little oinker...

Can I ever get away from the Testostorone filled humor???


Anonymous said...

That just means you are the queen B and what goes goes!

Jamie H said...

Ok, that's just wrong...