Friday, March 19, 2010

WHO STOLE THEM????? ( with a hidden message )

I would LOVE to know who stole my little sweet boys? I ask because this is the week from well the devils playground.... grrrrr!!!

it started Monday. Rang is NOT a morning person and he had to get up for speech, so of course he awoke is a foul mood. Grasshopper on the other hand was in a good mood as he is every marooning he wakes up. But that sweet good mood was NOT going to stick around apparently...

You see I home school, so the monkeys are around each other quite a bit, And I know they get irritated with one another I mean Hello it comes with the territory.

HOWEVER this week alone they have went from this

sweet loving little cuddly monkeys to

Angry mean little MONSTER MONKEYS.....

The constant name calling and hitting and being just all around UGLY is driving this mommy Monkey INSANE.... I mean I never thought I would have to threaten them ( yes THREATEN ) that they can't talk to or look at or play with each other the rest of the day if they do not stop....

You know I would expect them to have oh I don't know A LITTLE COMMON SENSE not to do it all in front of me. But NOPE.... they have decided to be equal opportunity MONSTERS to each other, Who cares if moms there.

So WHOMEVER stole my sweet cuddly monkeys PLEASE PLEASE send them back.... If its a ransom you want I WILL PAY IT....( warning Hidden giveaway ) just please take these little monsters with you....

If you read all the way through then you realized I am PAYING A RANSOM FOR MY is all you have to do.

Blog about this RANSOM AND MONKEY NAPPING on your blog with a link back here
then leave a comment on what you think the little Monkeys are worth.

if you would like to follow me that won't get you any advantages but it will put a big ol smile on this mama monkeys face.

So there you have it.

Oh the reward is a SECRET!!!! I will let you all in on the actual REWARD $ in a few days.



Griper said...

Mindy, I saw that you were sad about having no comments. I read your post earlier today, but didn't post one. SORRY! Anyways. Here ya go! :)

Griper said...

Umm, this is Kellie from S.I.F.'s Blog Frog, by the way... Not sure if my picture will show up, and the name is different... :)

Mindy Skains Independant Scentsy Consultant said...

Ahhh Kellie your so sweet.

Anonymous said...

Hello My sweet sister. First off I will take those monkeys if your done with them. They will fit right in here with my 2 that seem to forget they are brothers and not punching bags. Gotta love them boys. Hey thank you so much for posting my 3 day page. That is so sweet and I am thankful for any help I get from it. Miss you and love you. xoxo

trooppetrie said...

too funny, sorry I think they stole it from my kids. They had it two weeks ago but are back to being kids I enjoy this week. A few extra chores will help with atitudes. even 3 year olds can wipe down floor boards

Gille said...

I only know of MY sweet little monkeys. These little guys are worth a TON! Peace of mind, candy, cuddles, and sweet goodies or something like that. I would much rather spend a day cuddling instead of with angry little monkeys making me want to pull out my hair. No thanks. You can keep those unless you can offer something much, much better. I wrote all about it with no shame too. Ha!

(The blog thats hooked to my name is more of my open journal so I didn't feel right writing it there but it is in my above blog. Hope thats fine!)

I think I had too much fun with this ;)