Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Picaso Ain't got nothing on Grasshopper

So my oldest Grasshopper LOVES to draw and color. This is his latest image.

Now if you have seen the movie Aristocats then you recognize her as Dutches. I am not certain but I think Zsa Zsa Gabor does the voice.

I think he did a good job, of course he was so proud of it.

So his drawing got me thinking. I have 2 monkeys with completely different personalities. Grasshopper is more of my artsy fartsy child. Loves to draw, sing, dance very ARTISTIC one might say....

then there is Rang Tang who is like a bowling ball in a china cabinet. Does not like to color or draw and his idea of singing is actually listening to Apologetix and signing along with them.

No Rang is more my get down into the nitty gritty and get his hands dirty. He LOVES to build things. The kid can build the most amazing Lego ships from nothing more than his imagination.

Its funny he has this wicked imagination when it comes to building things but for the life of himself can not put that imagination onto paper.

So here I have polar opposites of one another and since they are I have had to do things completely different with each other. I never knew that 2 little boys that are from the same parents could be day and night from one another.

Rang is 110% his mama. A in your face, don't tick me off and for sure DON"T WAKE ME IN THE MORNING. AND IF YOU DO..... DO NOT TALK TO ME IF YOU KNOW WHATS GOOD. kinda kid

Grasshopper is 110% daddy. Laid back, lets the world roll right off his shoulders. Wakes every morning glad to just be alive. Always wakes with a smile.

So with having 2 boys that are opposites I have come to rely on a WHOLE LOT OF PRAYING... for with Grasshopper I have to remember he wears his emotions on his sleeve and is easily sadden by others misfortune.

With Rang. I know just what will get through to that thick skull as talking to him is like talking to myself. ( Who says talking to ones self is bad? )

So thanks for reading through my ramblings. I am sure you are all thinking


Alas.... no yummy drinks tonight.


Lolidots said...

What a great drawing! I just loved when my son got to the point where he started drawing pictures where I could tell what they were. Art from the kiddos is the best!

Mindy Skains Independant Scentsy Consultant said...

Oh I should dig out this one picture that my son made, you look at it and there are these huge boobs.

I was like Oh Honey this is beautiful. What are those?

he says

THOSE ARE YOUR BIG EARRINGS.... I need to find it and post is.