Monday, March 1, 2010

Lies and the men behind them. hehehehe

here is Darling hubby,

He is the greatest man I know, Loving, compassionate,kind, Loves his wife and kids, a God Fearing man, and would give you the last cookie on the plate......

SCREECHHHHHH!!!! hold up.... did I just say he would give you the last cookie??? OH HOW LITTLE DO WE KNOW????

You see, although I am married to the greatest man in the world ( yes I am bias. =) )there is a deep dark secret that most don't know about him,

he has a slight issue with cookies.

I mean you don't have a coffee mug like this for NO REASON

You see we like to call him the REAL COOKIE MONSTER....

Hubby has well lets put it like this HE REALLY LIKES HIS COOKIES, chocolate chip, oatmeal,

peanut butter sugar, it does not matter he is not discriminative when it comes to cookies. None

of them stand a chance when he is around. So imagine my surprise when I went into the garage

to get some romen noodles for the boys for lunch.

I look on the shelf and there is this package of what else COOKIES..... so I grab them and look to

see what they are, Ok They are Gourmet Thumbprint. they sound yummy

I go to open SAID cookies and

OH NO!!!!! I think the store jipped hubby, I mean it clearly states on the label that there are 12,

notice red arrow

But when I open the container there are only 2, Now I never claimed to be the smartest cookie in the jar ( see that, I just made a funny.... )

But 12 looks alot more than 2. Notice there are 10 missing. How on earth could that have happen????

So of course I had to call hubby and tell him how bad the store ripped him off......

and this is his story ladies and gentleman

He claims that his hands where full on Friday and he FORGOT THEY WERE OUT THERE....

when I asked REALLY!!! just how many of these FORGOTTEN COOKIES DID THE BOYS

GET... He says HMMMM I don't think they actually got any... BUT I WAS NOT HIDING


yeah stick to that story honey,


Stephanie said...

That really was a great post!!

Mindy Skains Independant Scentsy Consultant said...

I was rather proud of myself I even took pictures.

Crayon Wrangler said...

Love it!! It especially great because of the coffee mug! Great post, my friend!

Arizona Mamma said...

That's so funny. In my house, I am the one hiding the stuff. And not so I can have it to myself, but so my husband doesn't eat it before anyone else has a chance. It only happens when it's something he really loves, so mostly I just get stuff he doesn't like ;)

Pam, mom, honey, said...

are our husband related. too funny. i love the mug. that is adorable

Tracy said...

Sounds like my husband. Can't just eat one, they eat em all.

Jamie H said...

Oh my gosh! After being away from Google Reader for a while, I finally caught up on all your health stuff! Praying what you find out it ok news!