Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Accented Syllables

Ok WHAT???????

I am doing school with Grasshopper and he is learning about accented syllables, and all I can say is

WTHECK???? I have never heard this term before nor can I for the life of me figure them out. I googled them and read the RULES and am at a complete and utter loss.

These are the times where I think AM I RUINING MY CHILDREN BY HOMESCHOOLING???? I mean If I can't figure something out like ACCENTED SYLLABLES then maybe I am not the best person to be teaching them....

oy Vey..... I need a brain overhaul and a refresher course in Language Arts.

Anyone out there wanna help explain this to a not so bright mommy?


Rebel said...

An accented syllable is the one stressed in a word like homeschooling. You stress the home part like HOMEschooling rather than homeSCHOOLing or homeschoolING.

Rebel said...

other examples:
REBel instead of rebEL
MINdy instead of minDY
GRASShopper instead of grassHOPper or grasshopPER

Mindy Skains Independant Scentsy Consultant said...

Ahhh thank you so much Rebel. I figured one of you bright moms could help me out.

TexasHeather said...

I'm glad Rebel helped with it, and her "name" is a great example of how it can sometimes change the meaning of a word.

I only remember being confused royally when we first went over that; thanks for the reminder it's coming up again in my not-too-distant future. Ugh.

Rachel said...

I know that I should have known this, being a newspaper editor, but I had no idea, either. Glad you were able to get some help!

Denise said...

Folowing from Blog Frog post: Follow for a follow & comment. I love your blog!