Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Who Knew??

that one could be totally dependent on an inanimate object.

I mean you hear of folks that are addicted to drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, chocolate ( that's me )

and other things, but to be actually full on depended on a inanimate object is well SILLY

And had someone told me the other day that ME and my family where I would have laughed at

them. I mean its Absurd RIGHT?????

Let me take you back to Sunday night. ( oh FYI my boys sleep in our room, NO not our bed

their bed but in our room )

Yes I know you are all thinking WHAT?? YOUR KIDS HAVE THEIR BEDS IN YOUR ROOM?

Why yes we do. it works for us and we like it so THERE!!!

anyways the boys where going to bed and they turned on the box fan and came out and said

Daddy the box fan is making a funny noise. Darling hubby goes into the bedroom and does his

magic and it is working just fine.

A few hours later darling hubby and I go to bed, While I am laying there I hear the familiar

crackle of electrical malfunctions. I tell darling hubby what I hear, he turns the fan off and starts

looking at it and says the dreaded words I will remember for ever... Actually not forever but for

that night


NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! not my gumdrop buttons. ( sorry I was channeling Gingy from Shrek )


you see me and my family have become depended on that loud WHIRRRRRing sound that the

box fan gives off. Really we can't sleep without it.

So darling hubby brings in this pitiful excuse for a table top fan that well sounds like NOTHING.

really you could not hear a sound. So he turns on the ocean sound from the clock radio HOPING

to cause enough white noise to help us sleep. this was at 11

Here it is now 12, then 1 then 2 then 3 then 4 and I finally say TURN ON THE WINDOW AC

unit, at least it has a blower.

so needless to say I think I finally fell asleep around 5-5:30 to be awoke at 7 to a son coughing

and saying he was NOT going to Speech he was sick. I go out into the living room like a zombie

to see darling hubby crashed on the couch. He said between being exhausted his head was

hurting he was staying home.

YEAH we all get to play hookie.

I proclaim to darling hubby I AM GOING TO BY A FAN he said PLEASE Do

so before I headed out to the farm to get milk and eggs I stopped at our local Home Depot and

ran in to get that beautiful box fan KNOWING that night I was going to fall into slumber with

my old familiar WHIRRRRRRRing that I love oh so much......

so NO exercising for me but I did eat good and didn't eat any junk food. well except that one

little grape jolly rancher. But hey I think running on 2 hours of sleep and not pigging out on comfort food was a GOOD day for me.

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