Saturday, February 6, 2010

Tooting my own horn.....

Ok I must first say that I really dislike baking. Cooking I LOVE, baking Not so much. Why you ask?

Well its the whole baking part, I mean the preparing I have no issue with. but then its
scoop, plop, bake, take out of oven, lay on cooling rack, scoop, plop and all over again and again until your done.

I think its the whole repetitive thing that drives me bonkers, and seeing how I have the attention span of a rabid squirrel its not a good thing.

I like to get in there get cooking and get er' done.

Well since V-day is quickly approaching and Rang-Tang is in a homeschooling kindergarten class that there will be a party, with class parties there is always cookies, juice and all kinds of sugar. I mean they go hand in hand.

Well even though I hate cooking I have to admit something.

( hold on a sec while I digress and switch topics. ) see rabid squirrel

Have you ever seen the episode of FRIENDS where Monica is wanting Phoebes Grammies FAMOUS COOKIE recipe? You know how Monica wants to be the mom where everyone wants her cookie recipe because its THAT GOOD?

well I am shameful to admit THAT'S ME... I want to be known as the mommy with the best ever cookie recipe. I want, no I NEED that recognition. its like a drug. I WANT TO BE THE BEST COOKIE MAKER EVER.... but then we fall into that whole I HATE BAKING thing again.

Darn double edge sword. GRRRR!!!!

Well I can proudly say I DID IT.... I made some sugar cookies yesterday that are WONDERFUL...
The monkeys and darling hubby gave them 6 thumbs up. ( get it 6, cause they each have 2?)

anywho they are soft and buttery and oh so YUMMY.... then the icing is a light lemony sweet mixed with tart goodness.

SO I AM GOING TO STAND ON THE MOUNTAIN TOPS... ( well the hills seeing how Texas has no mountains. ) and shout


Oh whats that you say? You want MY recipe? let me think about that..........

UM NO!!!! I can't give it to you, if I did I would no longer be QUEEN OF THE SUGAR COOKIES....

I know not nice. I should share, but can you all just let me have this?? I mean come on its not like I have anything else going for me.....


Tiffany said...

Mmmmm I LOVE sugar cookies! I love to cook, and have just recently gotten into baking. While I do enjoy it now, I still feel as if cooking is more fun. {grin} Congrats on your success! I cam smell them from here! {wink}

Lolidots said...

I too am a cooker and not a baker. I love to cook. I hate to bake.

Good for you for going for it! Not sure when I'll attempt to bake again! Walmart makes pretty good pies and cookies so it may be a while before I put myself through the baking ordeal!


Arizona Mamma said...

Way to go! I love cooking, and don't love baking. Not that I can't bake, just don't love it. Weird.

Anonymous said...