Monday, February 15, 2010

Conversations with a 9 year old. OY VEY!!!

So as most of you know I homeschool We work on the basics at home.

and Bible

Grasshopper goes to 2 different co-ops. the first one he is doing Science and Literature, and the second one he is doing Choir and Geography. So I feel he has his basis covered for the time being.

well after this conversation I think MAYBE we need to add in HEALTH.... Oy Vey!!!

Grasshopper: Does it hurt to poop out a baby?

ME: WHAT!!!!

ME: first off why are you asking?

Grasshopper: Well I had to go to the bathroom this morning and it was HUGE and hurt, and I know Rang-Tang was bigger than my poop so DID IT HURT?

ME: WOW!!!! First off I guess you need to be eating more veggies, and NO I didn't POOP your brother out he came from my belly.

Grasshopper: OHHHHH thats right they cut him out.

just smile and nod.......

Oy Vey the things they come up with....


j said...

well at least we know he is a deep thinker and empathetic. thanks for the laugh.

Chrissy said...

I gave you a blog award today on my page! :o)