Saturday, February 20, 2010

I am REALLY trying

Not to be judgemental of others. I believe that to each their own. With that being said I am HIGHLY disturbed by this woman. She is well STRANGE and I just read this post about how she wanted to cook and eat her OWN PLACENTA... yes you read that right.
WHAT ON EARTH would posses anyone to want to do this.

I am sitting here gagging. I mean AUGHHHH!!! she is HIGHLY disturbed. Her reasoning is
IT CAME FROM MY BODY... Well no poo Sherlock. speaking of poo it too comes from you too, are you going to fry that up as well?

I mean I can't imagine that anyone in a their right mind would even consider this. I am really disgusted and in SHOCK..... I was going to post a link to her blog but then i realized that she makes money of folks going to her blog. This woman and her family of 5 live on 1000 a month. but she cuts corners with her kids safety in MY OPINION. they eat highly processed foods and sleep on the floor ( correction her child sleeps on a crib mattress UNDER the babies crib )

I don't know this woman just really worries me.

So anyone in the mood for Placenta Pancakes?


Colleen said...

hmmm yeah that's just not right. You can cut corners without putting your children's safety and health in jepordy and I sure as heck wouldn't blog about it if I did do that.

Tina said...


I've read it and I will pass.....

I am all for saving money but come on.......she has said she made over $1200 off her Blogher I your kid a bed and some real food.

Glad you didn't link cause I'm wondering if she is not doing all this for the SHOCK factor....

Alicia@Playing With Paper said...

oh my gosh! Shouldn't DFACS get involved if someone admits to making $1200 month and has kids sleeping on the floor? that seems so cruel. Shes a weird one!

Queen Mommy said...

I have heard of people who eat their own placenta, dry it and put it in capsules....I've heard the benefits.....But, at the end of the day, I can say with utmost certainty that it isn't for me!