Monday, February 1, 2010

1 Squirrel, 2 Squirrel, SQUARE!!!!

I am not a PROUD woman of any sorts. ( well maybe alittle ) but one thing I do pride myself on is that my kids know what a squirrel is and a square. ( OR SO I THOUGHT... )

I have a very creative funny 5 1/2 year old. He can crack me up any ol time. He says things that one just does not expect. Like for example.

Rang Tang : Mommy when I grow up I am going to be a T-Rex...
Me : honey you can't be a T-Rex when you grow up.
Rang Tang : Yes I can...

ok at thins point I think. do I REALLY wanna argue with him? Or is this going to be one of those times where I have to ACTUALLY be a mommy and teach him something? I decided its probably best if I continue the conversation.

Me: No Rang you can't, its not possible
Rang Tang : MOMMY!!! you said I can be anything I want to when I grow up...

AHHH!!! I did say this, Note to self. WATCH WHAT I SAY IN FRONT OF MIMIC MONKEY...

Me: Your right Rang I did, BUT God made you a boy, not a Dinosaur.
Rang Tang : FINE then I will be a Paleontologist.

See these are the type of conversations I have with him. So why would today be ANY different.

Here is a actual conversation I had today with him.

I recently found and fell in love with a home school curriculum called MATH-U-SEE
I am starting Rang on Math now ( yes he is 5, but just last week he found an addition sheet I printed out for future use and DID IT and got the answers right. )

So I purchased Primer ( for those that don't' know it starts out Primer, Alpha, Beta, Gamma and so on )

so I open the book today and am looking at it. Rang Tang is sitting next to me as he has just gotten into it with Grasshopper over WHO IS BETTER AT MAKING FACES AT THE DOGS...

so in the front there are squares then under it is says Count the squares and circle the answer.
so Rang starts counting

1 squirrel
2 squirrels
3 squirrels

and I said WHAT?

he says in his oh so serious tone and with tude I might add


I said yes I see that but what are you counting?

he looks at me at this point as if I have done lost my mind and says


of course I start laughing. ( I know huh, I mean a mom that laughs at her children. ) Hey I never claimed to be a good mom.

He says


I said Honey those are not squirrels but SQUARES....

He looks at me then the book and then me again and starts cracking up laughing... Apparently he thought he was quite a hoot.

so he gets off the couch laughing and as he is walking down the hall I hear.


see I do have an exciting life. I manage to help my 5 year old see the difference between a squirrel and a square.


Mandy said...

Lol! Cute! I love listing to the things my little one comes up with. Never a dull moment around these parts!

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