Sunday, February 28, 2010


Well I can not believe it is Sunday. WOW where did the weekend go? I thought I would give you all an update on what has happened to me since I last posted.

I went in On Friday for a CT Scan and OH MY GRAVY.... I had to drink barium sulfate. EWWWW 2 big ol containers of it.

For those of you that do not know what it is, allow me to enlighten you. Imagine a big jug of ground up chalk mixed with elmers glue and flavored like bananas... sound yummy???? FAR FROM IT..... it taste just like it sounds.

As if that was not the worst of it. I had to get an IV with Iodine in it. ( oh what one goes through in the name of medicine.

Well on would think that was the end of the FUN but NOPE, I apperently was dehydrated so the technichian was having NO luck in locating a vein, Now on most occasions needles don't bother me, But the girl could not get a vein , she first tired on my left arm to no avail. then moved to my right and stuck me then was wiggling the needle in my arm I became so incredibly sick to my tummy while she was doing it. I thought I was going to pass out. IT WAS BAD.... I almost asked if I could insert the IV myself. ( I have NO experience but figured I could not do any worse than her. )

And if you have never had the iodine injected into you let me explain the sensation. It starts out this warmness spreading through you then it moves down to you bladder and you honest to goodness feel like you are peeing your pants. NOT A FUN SENSATION..... ( so basically an all around FUN day )

So after all that fun I headed to Bush's to get a Arnold Palmer ( Ice tea with lemonade ) and a roll. ( remember I had not eaten anything since Tuesday night. Actually that was what was supposed to happen. when in fact at 5pm on Thursday the Dr called and said they could not get me in on Friday that I could eat something light. So at 7:30pm after Grasshoppers concert we went to Jason's Deli with some dear friends and I had a bowl of Tomato Basil soup and a few bites of Darling Hubby's salad. ) only to get home at 9 and have 3 messages telling me I AM having the CT scan the next day.



so bright and early the next day I called the clinic and told them I had in fact eaten. The nurse said it was fine as long as I had not eaten past midnight and not to eat until after the CT scan.

Where was I..... Oh that's right bought a Arnold Palmer and a roll. then went to pick up the boys and head home. With a feeling as if I had just had cement poured into my tummy, YUCK!!!

Darling hubby made a yummy steak and potato dinner which I ate as much as my shrunken tummy could manage which was not much. then watched a movie and headed to bed.

Saturday I spent the day at work. then off to church then to Chick-fila with a good friend and his daughter ( his wife and son where at the Hospital visiting her father, if you could say a prayer for the father that would be great. ) we ate then let the kids play till around 9 then ran to BAM to get FARMER BOY for grasshoppers lit class. then came home where I crawled into bed with my new book I bought at BAM

Now I am at work typing this and listening to K-Love. and telling you all about my hectic busy weekend.

So that's pretty much it folks. I am hoping to hear from the Dr in the morning telling me something. once I do I will let you all know.....

I promise thought to post photos of the monkeys in the snow and at grasshoppers concert when I get home. Till then. CHOW!!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I am a ENDO WARRIOR!!!! I will FIGHT and I will WIN

Well I thought I would first apologize to my readers ( they are few but mean the world to me ) I have had a hard week. School, feeling off and then SNOW!!!! we had SO much snow on Tuesday that the monkeys and I spent most of the day outside. Rang Tang was able to make his very first Snow Angel, and Snowman. He was so excited. I did take LOTS of photos that I will post either tonight or tomorrow. ( very busy day today )

Well the week started off with me feeling like I had a kidney infection. So I went to the Dr's where I had to take the ever so fun urine sample ( which I swear to goodness I end up peeing all over my hand. ) Being Fat and trying to judge where to put the cup is NOT fun...

I sat patiently waiting for the Dr. to come in and say YEP you have a kidney infection, but No I didn't have that or a UTI... so then its on to the next questions.

Dr: I am thinking it maybe your gallbladder

me: Um nope that is not possible, Had it removed 8 years ago.

Dr: Oh good to know, then I would like to get an ultrasound and see if it could be your appendix.

Me: Nope that too is gone.

Dr: WOW you are making this easy. Ok lets do this. Lets draw blood and do some ex rays. Ok

Me: sounds fine to me.

so after having my blood drawn and some ex rays taken he comes into the room and says can I show you your ex rays
I go out and I see what looks like sand in my ex ray all the way up my right side.

Now if you know me, you know that I suffered with SEVER endo to the point that I ended up having a hysterectomy. So when I see this sand stuff on my ex ray I start to cry. He tells me it is NOT endo. but in fact POO.... yep I am officially full of Sh*@ ( ok laugh it out.... )

he explains that he is concerned to see that much on my right side when my left is perfectly clear. He asks when I had my last bowel movement. I explain that morning, 3 times. He tells me this is concerning for the fact that I had endo on my Colon and liver he is concerned that the scar tissue may have caused some damage to my right side. So he tells me he wants my pipes all cleaned out then they would do a cat scan.

So I have officially been on the Colon-a-scopy (sp) diet. You know the one where you have to drink that nasty crap 8oz ever 10 min till its gone. IT WAS GROSS. and I can't eat anything till Friday. I have been on water, chicken broth, Gatorade and hot green tea, NOT FUN.... And All I am saying is that after all the bathroom visits and the clear liquids I BEST LOSE AT LEAST 5 pounds.

I guess what bothers me most is even after having a hysterectomy to get rid of Endo and live a life pain free, I may still be having issues with other organs do from the scar tissue that Endo caused. I want to cry and scream WHY????? am I ever going to be free of this disease??

SO now I am at work. On a side happy note Grasshopper has a choir concert tonight and this will be the first one I have been able to go to. I am so excited for him. I will post photos of that as soon as I can.


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Don't be such a B@**!!@

OK I can be a REALLY B*!@&! if I want to be, but why? I personally think its a waste of time and energy. Life is to short to be in such a ragged mood 24/7,

With that being said I am a member of a forum called Blog Frog. The group of ladies are great there is tremendous support of one another and the diversity is amazing. I have learned quite a bit from this group of ladies.

Like any group there is always a few bad apples. I mean when you write really mean ugly things for no other reason than to hurt the persons feelings, I want to know WHY? Does it make you feel Superior? Smarter? Prettier? What? WHY SO UGLY AND well BITCHY????

I like that we can agree on some topics and not on other topics. That is what makes this community so great. But to be flat out RUDE AND UGLY... NO THANK YOU.... Take your nastiness and GO AWAY....

I pray that these people one day realize that getting through life being so mean is NOT WORTH IT and change their attitudes and strive to be happy people.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

I am REALLY trying

Not to be judgemental of others. I believe that to each their own. With that being said I am HIGHLY disturbed by this woman. She is well STRANGE and I just read this post about how she wanted to cook and eat her OWN PLACENTA... yes you read that right.
WHAT ON EARTH would posses anyone to want to do this.

I am sitting here gagging. I mean AUGHHHH!!! she is HIGHLY disturbed. Her reasoning is
IT CAME FROM MY BODY... Well no poo Sherlock. speaking of poo it too comes from you too, are you going to fry that up as well?

I mean I can't imagine that anyone in a their right mind would even consider this. I am really disgusted and in SHOCK..... I was going to post a link to her blog but then i realized that she makes money of folks going to her blog. This woman and her family of 5 live on 1000 a month. but she cuts corners with her kids safety in MY OPINION. they eat highly processed foods and sleep on the floor ( correction her child sleeps on a crib mattress UNDER the babies crib )

I don't know this woman just really worries me.

So anyone in the mood for Placenta Pancakes?

Friday, February 19, 2010

Do you remember WHEN

I posted around Valentines Day that I had mastered the SUGAR COOKIE??? Well your in for a treat.


Yes its true I have this insatiable need to be the BEST DARN COOKIE MAKER..... so I thought I would tease you all with some yummy photos.

Yes I did try the cookies I mean HELLO WHAT KIND OF COOKIE MASTER WOULD I BE HAD I NOT TRIED MY OWN MASTERPIECES....( I said this all with the last bit of ooey-gooey goodness in my mouth.)

This little bad boy I am IN LOVE WITH.... I have to confess I did NOT make this cookie up. I actually stole, I mean BORROWED from a book. You see there is this gal that writes these books and I have to admit I LOVE THEM... I have read every last one, some 2-3 times. Her name is Diane Mott-Davidson

And this little beauty came from her newest book ( see image below ) that I again GOBBLED UP..

This had some PRETTY amazing recipes in it, And I have to admit I have made QUITE a few of her recipes from all of her books and ALL of them have turned out to be YUMMY........

Now these happen to be the sugar cookies I made and we made them into Valentines for the boys to pass out to their friends.
I may be a bit bias but I think these turned out to be ADORABLE.... what do you all think?

The icing was a light lemony concoction that blended PERFECT with the almond, vanilla softness of the cookie... Man I am making my mouth water just thinking of them....

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

Oh my gosh I received an award, Can you believe it? My blog is small and I have only a few followers But this gal Chrissy truly likes me. I feel so loved.

there are some rules so here you go.

So the rules for this award are:

1. Link to the person who gave you the award.

2. Pass the award along to fantastic blogs you've recently discovered.

3. Contact the blogs via a comment to let them know you've giving them the award.

4. State seven things about yourself.

I'm giving this award to:

Katie's Keeper

3 boys & a girl

My 3 Princesses



ok these gals are truly inspirational to me. I love their Faith. I pray to one day have faith as they do.

now for the 7 things about myself

1- I HATE with a passion Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory. It truly traumatized me as a child. And I whole hearted believe that the reason I have a candy issue is because of this movie.

2- I hate to take baths. Really STEWING IN ONES FILTH IS EWWWW!!!

3- I LOVE black licorice. It is YUMMY....

4-I believe that I SHOULD RUN FOR PRESIDENT... granted no one would vote for me but still. ONE CAN DAYDREAM HUH?

5-I do not enjoy shopping. I think its boring and a waste of time

6-I have my nose pierced twice

7-I use to have a size 8 foot then had a baby and now carry around a darn 9 ( and do you know how hard it is to find SUPER CUTE shoes in a 9?

4 days REALLY???

I can't believe it has been 4 days since I posted OUCH!!!

well I have been VERY good about eating healthy. Now I am not going to say I didn't have a slice of cake on Valentines cause well I DID and you know what?

it was so sugary it made me ill. I gave the rest to darling hubby to eat and ended up needing to go to bed. THAT'S how ill it made me. HMMM either it was the cake or darling hubby was poisoning me. hehehe

I have lost 8 pounds by just eating smaller portions and making healthier choices. I do crave chocolate every once in a while so for that I eat a Hershey kiss. I did go for a walk the other day and I have been taking the stairs whenever possible.

Baby Steps right. I think the 8lbs I lost was from cutting soda outta my diet. Yes I would drink a coke daily. I was TRULY addicted. that and I have increased the water intake.
I am proud of myself and I know without a shadow of doubt as long as I take baby steps I will loose the weight.

I have been good about eating lunch daily. its usually wheat bread with lots of mustard, turkey and tomato with a handful of pretzels and a big ol glass of water. I drink the glass of water before eating then refill it and drink it while eating. THAT has helped alot.
Oh and I caught the boys darn cold. GRRRR so I have the sniffles. I REALLY don't like the sniffles.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Conversations with a 9 year old. OY VEY!!!

So as most of you know I homeschool We work on the basics at home.

and Bible

Grasshopper goes to 2 different co-ops. the first one he is doing Science and Literature, and the second one he is doing Choir and Geography. So I feel he has his basis covered for the time being.

well after this conversation I think MAYBE we need to add in HEALTH.... Oy Vey!!!

Grasshopper: Does it hurt to poop out a baby?

ME: WHAT!!!!

ME: first off why are you asking?

Grasshopper: Well I had to go to the bathroom this morning and it was HUGE and hurt, and I know Rang-Tang was bigger than my poop so DID IT HURT?

ME: WOW!!!! First off I guess you need to be eating more veggies, and NO I didn't POOP your brother out he came from my belly.

Grasshopper: OHHHHH thats right they cut him out.

just smile and nod.......

Oy Vey the things they come up with....


Ok I am so excited I used Random number generator for the first time. I feel so grown up.... Well if you are one of the ones that entered my first giveaway then I wanted to say

WE HAVE A WINNER.............

Oh you want to KNOW who the winner is? Yeah I guess you all with out further ado it was

UNLUCKY NUMBER 13, but in this case it was LUCKY....... so YEAH TO

Nebraska Fillemans

congrats on the win. Now I need you to do 2 things. FIRST go here pick out which warmer you would like and what scents you get to pick 3 different ones.
then email me and give me all your info...

Again congrats and I am super excited for you.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

They are little girls LEAVE THEM BE

Ok I am just in Shock on this and am wondering WHY?
Ok if you know me you know that my monkeys are BOYS ALL BOY... I do not have a daughter and so I am not sure if this is normal or not, so I ask you all.

Is it normal or acceptable to DOLL your daughter up? By that I mean having a little girl wear make-up? wear fake nails, ( no I am not talking the lee press on's, Im talking about the WHOLE Acrylic things )

wearing clothes that I myself would NOT be caught dead in. ( ok in all fairness I am Fat so that is why I would not be caught in them, )

But I just wonder Do you all pluck your daughters brows? color their hair? have dental work done that consist of teeth whitening?

I just want some feed back on this?
In my opinion I feel its WRONG and well abuse. I mean if you are doing all this to say a 7 year old what kind of damage do you think you are doing to her ? To me its like saying.


Ok this is just really bothering me. I just had a mother in here with her daughter who not only had MORE makeup on than me but real fake nails and she could not have been more than 7 maybe 8. SO whats up with this?
so if you happen to be one of those moms that do the whole Pageant thing and go way crazy on it. Sorry.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Its NONE of your business!!!!!

Ok I have a real pet peeve and it is when folks feel the need to tell ME what I am doing with MY children is wrong.

I will give a few examples

1st example

My boys sleep in our room. NOT our bed but our room. You see we live in a cul-de-sac and are at the end of the clu-de sac with CRAZY neighbors on both sides.

my boys bedroom is at the front of the house facing one of the crazy neighbors house, now this particular neighbor is up till the WEE hours of the morning and will often times shoot his gun at "owls, coyotes, or anything else he wants" not to mention one night he had a few tiki torches lit and was throwing them around at 3am. he is just WEIRD, and so darling hubby and I do not feel safe with them at the front of the house and moved their bunk beds into our room

This is OUR house, these are OUR children and this is OUR decision, but its funny how folks feel the need to tell you that its WRONG and that we are ruining our kids. REALLY.... Um last I check they were my kids and its none of your business.

we have decided though that darling hubby and I would give the master bedroom which is at the back of the house and the largest room to the monkeys, that way I feel better KNOWING they are safe and then they can have all of the toys in their rooms.

2nd example

My kids were pacifier babies. Grasshopper stopped taking his at 2 he just didn't want it anymore. Ok no biggie
But Rang-Tang was not going to give his up without a fight. SO WE DIDN'T TAKE IT, I mean its HIS, he uses them for comfort and I knew he would not be going on his first date with a Fubbie ( that's what he called them ) in his mouth.
but low and behold I got grief from EVERYONE about how it was wrong, how he was not a baby, it was going to cause bad teeth ( um have you seen darling hubby's and my teeth? OUR KIDS ARE DOOMED IN THE TEETH DEPARTMENT. ) so we should just take it from him

And my response was

IS IT HURTING YOU TO SEE HIM WITH IT? MY CHILD MY RULES BACK OFF.... I mean taking his fubbie from him to ME was no different than me taking a woman's coffee from her that she HAS to have in the morning. Its a comfort thing to her, NO DIFFERENCE IN MY OPINION. and seeing how this is MY blog MY OPINION MATTERS...

3rd Example

Homeschooling. OH MY GOSH I get so much flack over this and again BUTT OUT... Not your kids NOT YOUR BUSINESS... I mean if my kids were being abused by all means BUTT IN. but my kids come from a very loving family and in my opinion. ( see there that is again MY OPINION... hehehehe)
if my kids who by the way are 5 and 9 ACT like what a 5 and 9 year old SHOULD in MY OPINION than BACK OFF. I mean I have friends that's kids go to school and I hear the way these kids talk and I think REALLY. DID I know what that stuff was at 9? NOPE not that school is bad but I feel that when kids are in school they have to grow up alot faster and that's sad. They have all this peer pressure and to me that's sad.

4th example

the dreaded STUFFED ANIMALS.. Ok both my monkeys love their stuffed animals and I REMEMBER loving mine. I have NO issue if they want to bring a webkinz in the car or where ever. However ( this one is from my folks LOVE YOU MOMMY )
my folks find that my kids caring around a stuffed animal is very IMMATURE... UM HELLO they are 5 and 9 and how does that constitute IMMATURITY? I think it all goes back to the fact that they are GASP**** HOMESCHOOLDED and are so UNSOCILIZED hehehehehe But Lord I love my folks this is where I and them differ. I know my folks love me and darling hubby and LOVE my boys I mean they DOTE on my boys and I love that. But in my folks Eyes I am still a little girl and my house will never be clean enough for them or I will never make the BEST choices. And who knows when I am a grandma ( which according to my boys they are NEVER LEAVING ME. Darn it I did RUIN THEM. =)
I may feel the same and have the same thoughts. I pray that I am a very supportive and loving Grammy and keep my mouth shut when it comes to my boys. ( if you know me you know that is so NOT likely to happen. But a girl can dream huh? )

so these are just a few examples.

SO next time you see me and I may not be doing something you would stop and think for a moment. IS IT YOUR PLACE TO TELL ME HOW TO RAISE MY KIDS? I can straight up tell you NO IT IS NOT.......

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Yummy roasted veggies

So I thought I would post a quick post about the yummy roasted veggies darling hubby and I had last night for dinner.

first we washed and cut up baby carrots. then, I sliced up a SWEET onion. ( you really wanna use sweet) then broccoli

we drizzled the carrots and onions and sprinkled them with this then after the carrots and onions started getting all caramelized and the onions were smelling
OH SO SWEET I added the broccoli and drizzled a tad more EVOO and mixed them up and continued roasting.
when they were done,all I can say is OH MY GOODNESS they were Divine... the carrots had a bit of crunch which I like, and the broccoli was crispy and tasted wonderful but the Piece De' Resistance ( insert snotty French accent when saying that ) was the onions. THEY WERE FANTASTIC.....
So I recommend you all run out and buy the seasoning I posted and use it on EVERYTHING. its great on grilled chicken, or you can make a rue, then add some EVOO , butter, and seasoning, toss it with your favorite pasta and you have a pasta that everyone will think you slaved over.
JUST GO GET IT... Oh darling hubby picked this up at Sam's
This was not a paid advertisement. its my own opinion. hehehehe

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Who Knew??

that one could be totally dependent on an inanimate object.

I mean you hear of folks that are addicted to drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, chocolate ( that's me )

and other things, but to be actually full on depended on a inanimate object is well SILLY

And had someone told me the other day that ME and my family where I would have laughed at

them. I mean its Absurd RIGHT?????

Let me take you back to Sunday night. ( oh FYI my boys sleep in our room, NO not our bed

their bed but in our room )

Yes I know you are all thinking WHAT?? YOUR KIDS HAVE THEIR BEDS IN YOUR ROOM?

Why yes we do. it works for us and we like it so THERE!!!

anyways the boys where going to bed and they turned on the box fan and came out and said

Daddy the box fan is making a funny noise. Darling hubby goes into the bedroom and does his

magic and it is working just fine.

A few hours later darling hubby and I go to bed, While I am laying there I hear the familiar

crackle of electrical malfunctions. I tell darling hubby what I hear, he turns the fan off and starts

looking at it and says the dreaded words I will remember for ever... Actually not forever but for

that night


NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! not my gumdrop buttons. ( sorry I was channeling Gingy from Shrek )


you see me and my family have become depended on that loud WHIRRRRRing sound that the

box fan gives off. Really we can't sleep without it.

So darling hubby brings in this pitiful excuse for a table top fan that well sounds like NOTHING.

really you could not hear a sound. So he turns on the ocean sound from the clock radio HOPING

to cause enough white noise to help us sleep. this was at 11

Here it is now 12, then 1 then 2 then 3 then 4 and I finally say TURN ON THE WINDOW AC

unit, at least it has a blower.

so needless to say I think I finally fell asleep around 5-5:30 to be awoke at 7 to a son coughing

and saying he was NOT going to Speech he was sick. I go out into the living room like a zombie

to see darling hubby crashed on the couch. He said between being exhausted his head was

hurting he was staying home.

YEAH we all get to play hookie.

I proclaim to darling hubby I AM GOING TO BY A FAN he said PLEASE Do

so before I headed out to the farm to get milk and eggs I stopped at our local Home Depot and

ran in to get that beautiful box fan KNOWING that night I was going to fall into slumber with

my old familiar WHIRRRRRRRing that I love oh so much......

so NO exercising for me but I did eat good and didn't eat any junk food. well except that one

little grape jolly rancher. But hey I think running on 2 hours of sleep and not pigging out on comfort food was a GOOD day for me.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

No, Not me, Not anymore

Let me start of by saying I use to be thin and healthy that was 12 years ago, before kids, before darling hubby and before finding out I had a horrible disease, before 12 surgeries and 4 chemically induced menopause, before, before, before....

So after going through ALOT I have no more excuses NOT to get healthy and loose some weight, so I have decided to post something that most woman would never dream of their WEIGHT... yep I am going to post my weight, my inches, and all my struggles to get healthy.

so here I am at age 33 and sick and tired of being FAT...

its Feb 7th at 8:38pm and here are my stats




Ok so I will get a measuring tape tomorrow and take my measurements. and post them.
my goal is to reach 180lbs by October ( that is when we are going to Disney World) and I would like to be able to actually ride on the rides.

So from here on out I will post alittle weight loss do-hickey on what I did for exercise that day and what I ate if its good and I think you might like it. but don't worry I will still post my regular garble-gook that you have all come to know and love ( hehehehe )

So in the words of Porky Pig

Tha, tha, tha, that's all folks!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Tooting my own horn.....

Ok I must first say that I really dislike baking. Cooking I LOVE, baking Not so much. Why you ask?

Well its the whole baking part, I mean the preparing I have no issue with. but then its
scoop, plop, bake, take out of oven, lay on cooling rack, scoop, plop and all over again and again until your done.

I think its the whole repetitive thing that drives me bonkers, and seeing how I have the attention span of a rabid squirrel its not a good thing.

I like to get in there get cooking and get er' done.

Well since V-day is quickly approaching and Rang-Tang is in a homeschooling kindergarten class that there will be a party, with class parties there is always cookies, juice and all kinds of sugar. I mean they go hand in hand.

Well even though I hate cooking I have to admit something.

( hold on a sec while I digress and switch topics. ) see rabid squirrel

Have you ever seen the episode of FRIENDS where Monica is wanting Phoebes Grammies FAMOUS COOKIE recipe? You know how Monica wants to be the mom where everyone wants her cookie recipe because its THAT GOOD?

well I am shameful to admit THAT'S ME... I want to be known as the mommy with the best ever cookie recipe. I want, no I NEED that recognition. its like a drug. I WANT TO BE THE BEST COOKIE MAKER EVER.... but then we fall into that whole I HATE BAKING thing again.

Darn double edge sword. GRRRR!!!!

Well I can proudly say I DID IT.... I made some sugar cookies yesterday that are WONDERFUL...
The monkeys and darling hubby gave them 6 thumbs up. ( get it 6, cause they each have 2?)

anywho they are soft and buttery and oh so YUMMY.... then the icing is a light lemony sweet mixed with tart goodness.

SO I AM GOING TO STAND ON THE MOUNTAIN TOPS... ( well the hills seeing how Texas has no mountains. ) and shout


Oh whats that you say? You want MY recipe? let me think about that..........

UM NO!!!! I can't give it to you, if I did I would no longer be QUEEN OF THE SUGAR COOKIES....

I know not nice. I should share, but can you all just let me have this?? I mean come on its not like I have anything else going for me.....

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I am super excited about this. I hope you are all just as excited.

Here is how to enter.

1- visit Here and look through the catalog, and pick what your favorite Warmer is then come on back here and leave a comment

2-As you are going through the catalog check out the scents, then come back here and leave ANOTHER comment on the ones you are wanting to smell.

3-Post about my give away with a link back to my blog and you can leave yet another comment

Its that simple. Also if any are interested RIGHT NOW in the month of February

EVERYTHING ( minus the systems and college warmers ) is 10% off.


If you don't already know what Scentsy is, They are candles that are WICKLESS, FLAMELESS, LEADLESS, SMOKELESS and SOOTLESS. Great for people with asthma and the elderly.

No flame means NO FIRES!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

1 Squirrel, 2 Squirrel, SQUARE!!!!

I am not a PROUD woman of any sorts. ( well maybe alittle ) but one thing I do pride myself on is that my kids know what a squirrel is and a square. ( OR SO I THOUGHT... )

I have a very creative funny 5 1/2 year old. He can crack me up any ol time. He says things that one just does not expect. Like for example.

Rang Tang : Mommy when I grow up I am going to be a T-Rex...
Me : honey you can't be a T-Rex when you grow up.
Rang Tang : Yes I can...

ok at thins point I think. do I REALLY wanna argue with him? Or is this going to be one of those times where I have to ACTUALLY be a mommy and teach him something? I decided its probably best if I continue the conversation.

Me: No Rang you can't, its not possible
Rang Tang : MOMMY!!! you said I can be anything I want to when I grow up...

AHHH!!! I did say this, Note to self. WATCH WHAT I SAY IN FRONT OF MIMIC MONKEY...

Me: Your right Rang I did, BUT God made you a boy, not a Dinosaur.
Rang Tang : FINE then I will be a Paleontologist.

See these are the type of conversations I have with him. So why would today be ANY different.

Here is a actual conversation I had today with him.

I recently found and fell in love with a home school curriculum called MATH-U-SEE
I am starting Rang on Math now ( yes he is 5, but just last week he found an addition sheet I printed out for future use and DID IT and got the answers right. )

So I purchased Primer ( for those that don't' know it starts out Primer, Alpha, Beta, Gamma and so on )

so I open the book today and am looking at it. Rang Tang is sitting next to me as he has just gotten into it with Grasshopper over WHO IS BETTER AT MAKING FACES AT THE DOGS...

so in the front there are squares then under it is says Count the squares and circle the answer.
so Rang starts counting

1 squirrel
2 squirrels
3 squirrels

and I said WHAT?

he says in his oh so serious tone and with tude I might add


I said yes I see that but what are you counting?

he looks at me at this point as if I have done lost my mind and says


of course I start laughing. ( I know huh, I mean a mom that laughs at her children. ) Hey I never claimed to be a good mom.

He says


I said Honey those are not squirrels but SQUARES....

He looks at me then the book and then me again and starts cracking up laughing... Apparently he thought he was quite a hoot.

so he gets off the couch laughing and as he is walking down the hall I hear.


see I do have an exciting life. I manage to help my 5 year old see the difference between a squirrel and a square.

I finally got them done.

ok here are a few photos. Enjoy.

Darling Hubby and I...
( Grasshopper took this photo, He loves to take pictures )

Rang-Tang and Grasshopper waiting for mommy.

Ummm Not a clue what this is, but I think its smiling at me....

In the Belly of the Beast....
( or at least the rib cage )

I love this picture. This is Darling hubby
Telling the monkeys
about the kinds of things in the water.

Darling hubby and the Monkeys posing for mommy.
Thank you God for my amazing hubby and monkeys.

My Monkeys and Me... just hanging around.

Future Paleontologist.