Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Story of ME!!!

I am going to for warn you, This is going to be long, and I am HORRIBLE at grammar so bare with me please....

The Story of ME!!!

It all started when I was a wee tike, actually I was in the 9th grade. I had the opportunity to go to WA DC with my school, While I was there I started getting these weird pains that felt like a combination of sever hunger pains and sever constipation pains ( even though I was NEITHER )
I called my mother who told me to get some Tums. I did and the pain eventually went away.

a few months later they came again, but this time it was while good ol' aunt Flo was visiting. While she came, she actually came to stay for 70 days. I told my mom my tummy hurt real bad and that aunt Flo had been visiting for 70 days. She took me to the ER where I had my first taste of a pelvic. AND OH MY GOSH!!!

I remember 2 things that day.

1- I was in a room with a prisoner and a sever alcoholic who had a tube in her


2- the Dr. that administered the Pelvic, well lets just say I hope he can still hear the ringing in his ears from where I kicked him in the head.

I remember the Dr telling my mom I had to follow up with a OB.
I went to my first OB and he and my mom felt that I needed to be on BC to stop aunt Flo. 6 a day to be exact. 3 in the AM and 3 in the PM.

it worked Aunt Flo went away.

But while it worked when I would end the pack and start the sugar pills I would be fine until that last day when I would have to start the pills again

I looked like a crack addict going through with drawls. I would shake uncontrollably, sweat would poor off me and I would be so cold that I could not get warm. Eventually I would always have to stay home the day I started the BC back up.

My mom and the OB tried me on all sorts of different BC to get my SIDE EFFECTS under control
I had graduated to taking only 1 BC a day. But even then I never did get over all the lovely side effects.
The pain however went away and I started to have more regular visits.

Fast Forward to my senior year of High School.
I still had to be on the BC and I was starting to have more painful visits. At first I thought they were cramps and they were, for all intents and purposes, but they were just so darn painful.

I graduated from high school and lost my mom and dads medical insurance so I could not longer afford the pill.

THAT'S WHEN AUNT FLO CAME BACK with a vengeance. Heck I am thoroughly convinced Auntie Flo brought the whole darn extended family with her on her visits.

I would have these visits that were so painful I would want to throw up. All the while I would here people say I was a wimp that everyone gets cramps to buck it up and deal with it.
so here I had these painful visits then on top of that Aunt Flo was only visiting for 2-3 days at a time and in that time I was unable to leave the house due to well lets just say a OVER Flo of visits.

Ok if you have made it thus far I now warn you it may get a tad TMI. so either stop reading now or don't say I didn't warn you. =)

I have now graduated from high school I was trying to go into the Marines and still dealing with a crazy female problem.

just to give you a hint about how bad it was. The pain would get so bad and come more frequently that 2 vicodin would do NOTHING for me. I would have to lay on the couch with a heating pad in the fetal position. And when Auntie Flo came I was passing more clots. ( see I told you TMI)

OK so fast forward a few more years. ( I have still been dealing with horrible pains with and without the visits from dear old drunken Aunt Flo.)

I meet my future darling hubby. I didn't know it then but he did.

We were out to dinner with some of his friends and the pain hit me like a ton of bricks. I tell him we had to go. We make it back to my mom and dads ( I still lived at home )
Darling hubby rubs my back while my mom and dad contemplate what it could be.

one thing you have to know these random pains would hit me without warning and go away as quickly as they came.

so the months past and the pains start to come alot more frequent. I start going to every Tom Dick and Harry of a Dr TRYING to find out why I was having these horrible stomach pains.
I actually had one fool say it was my gallbladder and shot radiation in me to MONITOR it.

Darling hubby and I get married. Darling hubby leaves to go on wespac and I am left to work and deal with the pain that I figure is one I will have forever.

Its not until I was at work one night ( I worked graveyard at Boeing ) I had a gal tell me about Endometreosis. WHAT?? yeah that was me too. WHAT??

a few weeks later I find a lump in my breast. I make an appointment to see my NEW ob and while there we get to talking about my visits and how they are painful and that I have been to 6 different Dr's in the past 6 months TRYING to find out why I am having these crazy tummy pains.
He too mentions the possibility of Endometreosis. He explains the only way to find out is with a simple Laproscopy procedure that takes 15 min. He explains that it is considered surgery and I would go under.

Surgery to find out if I have this Endo crud. um how could I put it. HECK NO!!! are you MENTAL... I am 21 and NOT having surgery.

he gives me a pamphlet on it that I threw on the counter when I got home ( oh the Lump it was just from alot of caffeine )

So Darling hubby calls from the middle east and I tell him what the Dr says. He says that if I need the procedure to find out do it. I tell him NO.

well shortly after Auntie PAIN IN THE BUTT FLO comes for a visit. This time it was one of the worst I had had, I had to call into work and I didn't leave my house for 2 days. I took hot baths and lived with the heating pad attached to me.
while being at home in horrible pain all alone with no one there but my cats I found the pamphlet and read it. That's when I decided WHAT THE HECK... I mean I could not continue in this constant state of pain.

I scheduled it for the following month Oct 98

I will post the rest tomorrow. I figured you are all burnt out on reading about lil ol me for the day.


Pennie said...

Two of my sisters have Endometriosis. Poor things. One had to have one and a 1/4 of her ovaries removed, and one had to have a complete hysterectomy.

Mindy Skains Independant Scentsy Consultant said...

This is something that I am very passionate about. I feel is this were a MALE disease crippling men and they only cure was castration then more research would be done.
again this is my opinion. But I have been through ALOT. I know first hand what this disease does to a woman

Queen Mommy said...

Love you, Mindy! You are a strong, amazing woman!

Mindy Skains Independant Scentsy Consultant said...

Hey Robin, How is your mother doing? Did she make it to Hawaii?

j said...

wow, i am in the same boat as you and have been crippled with that pain since the tender age of 13. not eating wheat a year ago finally cured it.