Monday, January 11, 2010

short and sweet. Just like my little man....

Well this is going to be a super short one. As I have a very sick little Rang-Tang...

He started complaining of a sore throat last night, which is never good with him

( he is a big time strep carrier )

then he went to bed at 10 which again is early for my monkeys. ( we homeschool )

and then at 3am he spiked a fever. So we are off today to see are Wonderful Dr.

And here I was SUPER excited that I didn't have to go ANYWHERE today.... ( I have

been on the go daily for over a month.. AND I HATE IT. )

So there you have it folks. I will let you all know what the good Dr said.


Tammy said...

Hope he feels better soon! Having been super sick for the last week I can totally empathize with him.

Pennie said...

HOpe he feels better soon, so you can stay put for a while - all that running gets old quick, hey?

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