Monday, January 18, 2010

Seriously.. it can't be this hard

Today is a day from well lets say Satan's play ground.
I mean how is it I have homeschool days that are WONDERFUL then days where I want to pull all of my hair out.
Don't get me wrong I love my kids, I love homeschooling and being able to spend the days with then watching them learn new and exciting things.

But today OY VEY!!!! it was a day full of tears.
I would love to know what you other homeschool moms and dads do when your kids just will not budge?

You see we were planing on going into Austin tomorrow to spend the day as a family, something we have not done in a long while. So Grasshopper KNEW that he had to double up on his assignments, he did his spelling last night so all he had to do today was math, English and bible.

But do you think he could do it today while I was at work with ease?
NOPE!!! he flat out decided he was not going to do school work today. So now we can not go into Austin. AUGHHH!!!!! I know some of you are thinking. So let him catch up on Wednesday, but the problem with that is he won't, then he has science co-op on Thursday and geography and choir on Friday. I mean how on earth do you all do it?

I have a schedule
spelling, math, reading, English, and bible If he gets that done then science. But it seems like its Beginning to be a struggle with just the basics.

Please I beg all of you that homeschool HELP!!! tell me how you do it with such ease...

ok I am now off to cry into my pillow about being a bad homeschool mommy. sniff!!sniff!!

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Deborah said...

I dont homeschool so I cant help in that department. But, I do think it was something in the air last night... my youngest had the biggest meltdown I have ever seen in my life. 2hrs of screaming, crying, etc. It was truly horrid!

Hang in there, I give all of you home schooling Moms huge KUDDOS!! I dont know how you manage it all!