Sunday, January 24, 2010

Just call me Farmer Mindy..... =)

So I normally work EVERY Saturday at the Children's Museum. I did though manage to get yesterday off to spend with my family and boy was it a GREAT DAY....

so here is the adventure we had. I will post photos of yesterday and Tuesday of our trip to Austin I swear I will.

SO we get up and get ready to leave. Head out the door and stop to get donuts for the road trip.
I normally get my coffee at this little gas station when I am out and about, since we were short on time I just bought coffee at the donut shop (BIG MISTAKE!!!)


This, however they wanna call it was NOT COFFEE.

It was however water with a splash of hazelnut in it. YUCKY!!!

We stop at another gas station so I can get a NEW COFFEE and throw this montroucity (sp )in the trash were it belongs
The new coffee was NUYA that is my new word for. NOT GREAT but not the worst either.

With new coffee in hand we head to THE FARM

ok this family we went with is a great family, but one thing you must know about this family.

The mom ( my dear sweet friend ) is a MAJOR clean freak and germ-a-phobic.

We get to the farm and the first thing we see are the two cutest little girls come running up to us.
Now picture the Ingalls girls from Little House on the Prairie and you now know what they looked like. ( they were even barefoot ) which normally Not a issue but it was COLD...

So this friend we will just call her C had to use the restroom. Walks up to the owner and the Farmer and asks to use the restroom.
Ok you had to see the look on her face when he pointed to an actual OUTHOUSE... PRICELESS!!!!
C has never been camping a day in her life and has NO idea what roughing it is.

She eventually goes ( bladder wins every time ) but man was she feeling violated.

We walk around and look at the farm and quickly realize this farm is....... well how do you say
he uses horse and old timey plows to do EVERYTHING. NO tractors on this farm. ( I am glad to say they did have electricty and indoor plumbing )

we decided that there is FAR to much feces on the ground to picnic, and do the only thing logical.
open the back of the van and Tailgate it.
We did use the sanitary wipes to wipe the kids down well before eating.

So the day progresses with a wagon ride ( this is where C breaks out in Hives from the amount of Nature and the Ingalls girls picking at horse doo-doo then putting said fingers in mouth )

I thought C was going to grab her kids and take off running.
But I have to say I was proud of C she toughed it out. Even when we went to look for Chicken eggs. and see the pigs.

It was all going good until C was standing around with the farmer and the other folks talking when this little girl MAYBE 2 comes up behind C and barely touches C's pant leg.

Now picture it. C has been on edge since getting there. The kids our darling hubby's and I are just having a hoot and good time. ( I will say I did agree with C on how dirty it was and MAN THE INGALLS GIRLS NEEDED SHOES... especially when walking in chicken poo and cow poo. But its a farm what did we expect? )

Now picture C standing there trying to be brave when we all know that what she really wants to do is run home and get into the shower and burn her clothes.

This little girl touches C and all you hear is this high pitched scream and her take off. ( she thought a pig had come up after her and nibbled her pants leg )

AWWW what are friends for if not for a good ol' laugh?

From there we go into the Milking room. Um GROSS. I have never seen so many flies in my life.
then to the cheese room where OH MY GRAVY the smell was GROSS. ( I knew there was a reason I am not a cheese eater ) then to the store where they sell their Raw Milk, Raw Yogurt, Raw Cheese and Raw Honey

C was however a good sport and actually tried a piece of Cheese. And I must say the cheese and milk were pretty darn good.

So after 4 hours the kids were tired and hungry and C was ready to get outta there.

We head to Bryan and eat at this fantastic Mexican restaurant, I had a yummy shrimp pasta dish that was DELISH...

From there we walk around the little shopping strip, then head over to Ben & Jerry's so the kids could get their dessert, and I could go next door to FINALLY get a GOOD cup of coffee.

We take the kids to a park ( by this time its dark but the park had lights and the kids had a BLAST )

after a FUN eventful long day we drive the hour and half home to get the kids into the showers and plop onto the couch to zone.

It was a perfect day. I am blessed that the Lord gave me this perfect fun day with my beautiful family and great friends.

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