Saturday, January 2, 2010

Can't seem to be Happy

I have NO idea what is going on.... I have NO reason Not to be happy. I have a wonderful darling hubby, 2 of the greatest kids ever, a home that is MINE. we are all healthy ( well darling hubby is incredibly sick ) but otherwise I should be on sunshine.
Yet I am so not motivated, I have NO energy. I want to do nothing but sleep,

I swear I had all these grand plans to get things done yesterday, like changing the blog. Well after 3 hours of messing with it NOTHING except the background but I can't for the life of me remember how to change the template.

I had stuff to get togehter fo Logans school Nope didn't get that done either, the house work has not been done in a week, Laundry is piling up and I just can't seem to care..

I ask that you all say a pray for me, Please ask the Lord to kick me in the behind so I can get motivated.

I pray that 2010 does get me into a better funk.


The Butler Family said...

Well, it's up to you to get into a better funk my friend...

It's your road, you have to decide on how you want it paved... =)

But as a blogger friend I feel your frustration. I hope it gets better for you! =) Keep your head up my friend!

This Daddy said...

The more you say you are in a funk you will continue to be in one. Stop thinking about it and change it

Anonymous said...

I think it is called winter. I understand and struggle with this too. It is HARD but it will get better. Praying for you..