Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Answer

Ok if you read yesterdays post and saw the photo of that huge ( maxi pad ) hehehehe
it is actually a funny little splint for my pinkie finger.
You see I was trying to be all domesticated and make a yummy dinner.

Thanks Pioneer Woman. I blame her. hehehe

Actually I saw this recipe and thought to myself

OH MY HEAVENS this sounds yummy. So I decided to make it.

Tomato Pasta salad this is from our favorite little country gal Pioneer Woman

so as everything is cooking ( I added some water and warmed the sauce up to eat it warm )

I started cutting up the beautiful cherry tomatoes, rolled the basil and sliced thin, then on to the klamata ( sp ) olives

chop, chop, chop, OUCH!!!! yep my little pinkie finger slid off the knife and was sliced and diced..

I was home alone with the monkeys ( darling hubby had stopped to get roasted chicken to add to the pasta )

Grasshopper ran and got me a wash cloth from the bathroom and helped me wrap up my finger.

Now one thing you should know about me. Needles do NOT freak me out. Heck I pierced my

own nose twice, have tats, like I said needles are no biggie for me. HOWEVER the thought of

someone sewing on my FREAKS ME OUT... Yeah I know I am wired.

Well after a yummy dinner ( yes it was Divine my monkey ate it ALL up ) darling hubby

re bandaged it and made me a Popsicle stick splint to get me through the night.

the next day I went to the Dr to get my tetanus and have him take a peek at it. He said I did

need a stitch but apparently after too long they can't do it so he cleaned it and re bandaged it up

and put the new softer splint on it. He told me to take the bandage off and clean it daily and

re bandage it.

So I have a wounded pinkie. Thankfully its my left hand ( I am right handed ) and I am officially

off dishes duty fir a while. hehehe

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