Thursday, December 10, 2009

Where on earth do the hours GO???/

I want to know where all the hours in the day go? I swear to goodness I am losing my brain. I have SOOO much crap going on that I swear if i didn't have a bladder that reminded me to go to the little girls room I doubt I would ever go...

Well Its the Holiday season and I am TRYING to RELAX and enjoy the moments. Life is FLYING pass me and my boys are growing so fast that i am going to blink one day and they are going to be grown and married and have kids of thier own.

I read ALOT of blogs when I have the time and I read one tonight that made me sit back and really think.
I DON"T WANT TO MISS THESE MOMENTS WITH MY FAMILY... I am vowing to spend more time with my boys and LESS time on the puter, watching TV or just running around to all these different activities that I THINK my kids NEED TO PARTAKE IN.. When in all honesty the only thing they need to partake in is Church, and school. the rest is just usless fillers.

I want to wake up with my little monkeys snuggling next to me. I want to hear them giggle till they can't breath. I want to smell their sweetness. I want to be thier mommy and they my little monkeys FOREVER....

that is my GROWN UP CHRISTMAS WISH... JESUS let me go back and relive every moment that I let slip away from me becuse I was TOO BUSY....

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