Saturday, December 12, 2009

To Give or Not to Give

That is the Question....

Well I was informed that my boss bought me a gift for Christmas, Now My boss is a sweet lady and well NOT HURTING FOR MONEY... So I was first shocked then excited but then I thought CRAP now I gotta get her a gift. WHICH NORMALLY IS NOT A PROBLEM BUT I REALLY don't know here very well and she has EVERYTHING... so I am at a utter loss on what to get her.

SO I thought OK I will get her a nice bottle of wine and a box of Chocolates. Does this seem OK? Or should I get her something more?
So I need HELP..... She is Jewish and yes she does celebrate both holidays. so that's not a issue.



The Butler Family said...

Wow that's great!

It's hard to buy for somebody that you don't really know on a personal level. Have you been to her office? Is she a picture person? Grandmother? Collects certain things? I know at the store "Things Remembered" has great gifts. And during the holiday's their prices drop.... Just a suggestion =)

Mindy Skains Independant Scentsy Consultant said...

she is a step mother and from what I hear not very motherly. I don't think she has any grand-babies.

like I said she is very wealthy and buy basically what ever she wants. I thought about giving her one of my Scentsy Warmers and a bar or two. But then I fall into I have no idea what she likes as far as scents.
Oy Vey this is difficult

Angel said...

Everyone likes candles. I think, hehe.

I hate trying to think of something to get when they have everything or buy what they want. It's hard. Good luck!

Arizona Mamma said...

I like the wine and chocolate idea! Who doesn't like either of those.

The Butler Family said...

Very! lol Wow I just don't think wine would be appropriate. But you'll be in the same boat if you stick with it, you have to worry about what kind of wine she likes. Fruity, sweet, dry just so many!

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