Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Did you know?

More wars start and more people die in the name of Religion than anything else?

Its true, and after the last few days on BF I swear its gotten UGLY... I have seen more ugliness and hatred in the last week from grown adults than I ever thought imaginable.

Holy freaking cow batman!!!

I just wonder when I see these mean heated topics get outta hand, WHY? what is it that makes grown adults turn into little children pointing fingers and saying mean hurtful things. And then as if that were not bad enough to attack ones character and the way they live their lives.

I guess this is just another example of Satan getting a hold of people.

I remember when I first started going to church I thought MAN THOSE CHRISTIANS HAVE PERFECT LIVES... THEY DON"T HAVE A CARE IN THE WORLD...

Boy was I wrong. I found out first hand, the closer you walk with the Lord the harder Satan attacks.
Like I said at the begining ( or maybe I didn't ) either way I am fairly new at being a Christian I grew up in a home where there was NO religion. So being a Christian I thought that IF YOU WHERE NOT CHRISTIAN YOU WERE GOING TO HELL....
I don't believe that anymore. I mean I know the Bible says the only way to heaven is through Jesus, but what about all the folks that have NEVER heard of him. ARE THEY GOING TO HELL?

I like to think that just because they do not call him JESUS maybe they call him FRANK or BOB its still JESUS to them.
( I am sure this makes NO sense to any of you ) but trust me in my head it makes PERFECT sense.

So I just ask that all of you that are on a forum or Blog stop and think before they hit POST

would I want my child or myself to be spoken to like this? and if the answer is no then maybe you should revise your post. After all we all want the same in our lives no matter what religion or non religion you are.



Michelle Hart said...

I have often struggled with that as well - the idea that in some remote part of the world a group of people have never heard the name of Jesus and therefore are condemned to Hell. While I also don't believe this is true because God is merciful and loving and extends Grace - I also don't believe he's called something else.

What I have learned is this - Creation in itself is proof that God exists and creation is everywhere, including those remote parts of the world. The law in the old testament was given to Moses so that humankind can know what sin is, and the law is written on our hearts. This is our conscience. Whether those people know about Jesus or not is still a mystery to me, but I know God knows about and loves them as much as he does you and me. I suppose it's something we can ask God about when we get there!

As for BF - I've seen some of the snarkiness, but have chosen not to participate in those threads. I think their is a wonderful group of women on that forum, but by participating in the snarky threads just ignites the flames even more. It seems to come and go.

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