Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Wind in my sails is GONE....

Have you ever been so sure about something?
Have you ever found that the thing you were so Certain of was well Not all you thought?

Well today I found that very thing out.

You see I like to think of myself as a down to earth kinda chippie. I like to think that most people are good honest folks. And I still believe for the most part they are.

If you read my blog you know a few things about me

1- I am honest (almost to a fault )

2- I will call it as I see it. ( This can get me into trouble at times )

3- My kids ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS TO ME... NO ONE and I mean NO ONE messes with my kids.
( I like to tell folks. " If you mess with my kids I will make a mama bear look like a witty bitty putty tat )

4- I am a new Christian ( only 5 years ) and I try every day to live a Christian life. ( but this does not mean I don't fall back into my old ways )
by that I mean I CAN BE A NASTY VINDICTIVE CHIPPIE ( I am so not proud of this and fight it daily, but its true, I can slip back into that mood in a second)

So with all this I get frustrated when I feel I have been lied to or mislead.

I ask. WHY? WHY do folks do dishonest and hurtful things? I mean do they get a thrill, a rush from it?

For most of you that read this I am certain you will have an idea of what I am talking about. For others you may read this and think
"WOW, SHE DONE LOST HER MIND" ( and you would be right. )

SO all I ask of my chippies ( for those of you that are not certain what a chippie is. They are MY GIRLS, MY FRIENDS, MY BESTIES. )


And remember..... It takes 3 licks to get to the center of the tootsie roll pop.


Amanda P. said...

I saw your post on Blog Frog about the man in the wadders with the shark dog...I think it was our neighbor. How funny!!!

Mindy Skains Barefoot Book Ambassador said...

do you live here in Waco?

roadrunner201 said...

Girl! You could be my twin sister if that is how personality traits work. I battle the battle-of-the-mouth daily, and I've been in Jesus for nearly 15 years.

Sorry that someone lied to you:-(

The Butler Family said...

Really it takes 3 licks? lol

I know where you are coming from! I don't know you personally but I can tell you're a good person... Not sure why people would do something mean or hurtful to others. There's always a bad apple in the tree...

Mindy Skains Barefoot Book Ambassador said...

I do struggle daily to make the right choices; Thats when I look at my boys and know ITS FOR THEM I CHOOSE TO BE BETTER.
I try to be slow to speack but quick to listen.

Mindy Skains Barefoot Book Ambassador said...

hey according to the owl on the tootsie pop commercial it takes 3...



it takes 3. thats whats the wise owl said. and we all know owls are WISE. HEHEHE

Arizona Mamma said...

We all have our deomons, don't we? Thanks for leaving such a thoughtful comment on the post about some of mine :)

Anonymous said...

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