Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Well if you are anything like me you HATE to shop. I am dead serious I HATE shopping. I think I would rather get a root canal than shop. ( and this is saying something cause I HATE THE DENTIST )

well I was just reading some emails and I saw that I have a huge sale going on. ( I know huh? I mean HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW. ) easy. I am about as confused in my everyday life as a wounded wombat.

So here it is for all you beautiful ladies.

Barefoot Books

just click on that handy dandy link and it will take you to a whole new world were fairy's fly through the air, and giant turnips grow to be the size of a house. or where the dragons are actual vegetarians.

I promise it will open your eyes to the most beautifully illustrated story books that come with audio CD's for can I just say it. CHEAP... I am sooo not kidding. So go ahead and shop till you can't stand it. I promise There will be no push lady that smells as if she slept outside for 3 days just to get that IN toy.

Consider it a Christmas present to you all, from me. You can stay in your jammies and buy, buy buy and know you are saving LOADS of money that you can spend at a later date when you need some MOMMY TIME.....


Angel said...

Yikes!! I LOVE to shop!!

And I will take shopping over the dentist ANY day! LOL!

Mindy Skains Barefoot Book Ambassador said...

Oh I am glad you like to shop. Let me know if I can help you with a great book, or a beautiful Warmer from Scentsy, Yes I sell them both.