Saturday, October 24, 2009


OR ELSE. hehehehe

Ok I have recently realized I have become a blog whore. (I KNOW HUH??)
I blog obviously and I love to read other ladies blogs. There are some hilarious woman out there. (here I thought I was funny, NO WAY not compared to some )

so I have asked and was given permission to STEAL from other ladies blogs some posts that I found to be funny, and or very creative. With their getting the credit of course.
Actually I just figured out how to link so I am going to try that.

My little Life
If you are a woman and have ever been visited by your NASTY AUNT FLO. THEN READ.

ok this next one is not funny but a GREAT IDEA

We are that Family
I am defiantly trying this on my little one.

The Butler Family
This was very funny cause I could SOOO see me doing this to someone.

The Alpha Mom
Ok this mom is FAR to crafty and should be arrested for shaming us all.

Pioneer Woman
Ok this RibEye with grilled onion bluecheese sauce was DEVINE. I recommend you buy her cook book or read her blog, for the few things I have tried have been GREAT.

Ok so there you have it crazy folks read, laugh and remember YOU READ IT HERE FIRST. ( actually I read it from their blogs first but was given permission to steal )


Jamie H said...

Cute post! Thanks for gathering that all together!

Mindy Skains Barefoot Book Ambassador said...

I am glad you liked it. I could not think of what to post so that came in handy.