Thursday, October 22, 2009


so in honor of Kristen's 2 year Blogaversary ( ). Here is OUR WE ARE THAT FAMILY MOMENT

So here it is Thursday night. I am at work tired and stressed about missing my oldest first choir concert, and leaving daddy to run them here and there. I tell darling hubby that since its hectic to run the boys to McDonald's and get them dinner ( knowing it will be way past 8 before they are done )

So Darling hubby being the hubby he is, brings me a coffee to work on his way to the concert.
I go out to get my coffee and see Rang Tang crying. this is how the conversation goes

ME : Rang Tang whats wrong?

Rang Tang : sniff sniff.

Darling Hubby : He is crying cause he got into trouble for bold face lying to me.

ME; OHHHH!!!!.

So I say good bye, give Logan a GOOD LUCK kiss and tell him to sing like he is singing to the Lord.

20 min later darling hubby calls me. I ask what was up he proceeds to tell me the following.

Well we go into McDonald's, I take the boys to the bathroom to go and wash up. We get our cups and I start filling them only to hear Logan say


now if you all have been to a McDonald's and you know where you get the soda its metal and there is a place to dump old soda out. Apparently being THAT FAMILY my little sweet halo wearing Rang Tang spit a Huge nasty lougie (sp) on the counter.
When darling hubby asks Rang Tang about it. He looks up into my darling Hubby's eyes and says


So when you all are out and eating and you see that family that has those unbehaved kids remember IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU TOO.

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We are THAT Family said...

Oh and it has!

Thanks for celebrating with me!