Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sweet Surprises

First off GOD IS GOOD.
Well I was given the opportunity to fly to Washington to surprise my big sister at her baby shower and see my new beautiful baby nephew. So its been hard keeping it a secret and not post on here my plans. ( in case my sissy read my blog )

So I flew out of Dallas on Saturday morning and arrived in Wa at 9:30am and spent all Saturday with an old friend and my other older sister. ( although she is standing over me telling me to type my FAVORITE sister ) hehehehe ( the one that managed to fly me out here )

So here it is Sunday at 1pm and she came in and hugged our Grammy and I walked up behind her. She turned around saw me and SCREAMED and grabbed me and hugged me.

One thing you need to understand, is I have not seen my sisters in 5 long years so it was a very emotional reunion.

SO as I was saying GOD IS GOOD...

This has been a very emotional day. lots of great happy tears and laughing.

I will post a bunch of great photos when I get back to Texas. But for the time being I AM ALIVE AND KICKING.


HolliLynn said...

I am so glad you got to come back, did the thunderstorms slow down the plane ride or did you avoid them? I am SO glad you got to come back to washington!!!

Mindy Skains Barefoot Book Ambassador said...

we did have a tough landing. but it was ok. I am excited to get home and hug my monkeys. I miss my babies soooo much. But I will be sad to leave my sisters and nieces and nephews.