Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lions, and Tigers, and CORN MAZES?

Ok first off there is something you need to know about me. I am not much of a planner when it comes to doing things. I am a more FLY BY THE SEAT OF YOUR PANTS kinda girl. ( or I like to think I am when its more like controlled chaos. )

So we go to church on Saturday nights. ( It is what works for our family ) Anywho Darling hubby drove me to work yesterday with the intention of picking me up and rushing across town to get to church ... which is what we do most Saturdays.

NOT YESTERDAY.... See I was swamped the moment I opened the gift shop, so I was trying to help a lady and open my till, ONLY to type all the opening cash into the closing cash spot. (BIG MISTAKE.) so basically when it came time to close the store everything was all sorts of messed up, so there for we didn't make it to church, ( this is the part of the story that gets TO THE POINT of the whole post.
( See I am long winded, maybe that's why my nickname is Windy Mindy )

So seeing how it was to late to go to church we decided to go to the pumpkin patch.

We get to the patch at 5:30 so we have alittle time until it gets dark. We IE me decides we need to go into the corn maze. So we enter....( ok at this point its almost dusk and I feel the urge to use the little girls room ) that alone should have been a SIGN. Oh and all the folks passing us asking if we just entered should have been another sign to TURN BACK AND LEAVE. SO after wondering around for 15min we realize WE ARE LOST!! At this point that little urge to Pee became a I HAVE TO GO NOW!!!
We wondered aimlessly in this Stupid thing for over 1 hour. ( I swear it was a hour ) Darling hubby says I was exaggerating that it was not a hour, but all I know was I had to Pee like nobodies business and as if that was not bad enough
I stepped into mud LOST my shoe ( thankfully got it out but am covered in MUD. )
So lets review




oh and you know how they say everything in Texas is bigger?

they are NOT lying.
the mosquito were trying to carry me away ( ok not really but remember I HAD TO PEE and was muddy so I was irritable to say the least )

And as if that was not bad enough it is now DARK. you can't see in front of you so here we are wondering aimlessly in this STUPID corn Maze. ( who the hecks crazy idea was it to go into this HELL? ) Surly not little ol' me.

Darling hubby did like to point out,
that this was another of my crazy NOT PLANNED OUT IDEA'S ( ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I HAVE TO PEE and Your going to throw that out there )

Oh and now they have opened the HAUNTED MAZE and all we hear is people
SCREAMING a CHAINSAW REVVING and more Screaming. AHHH it was a fun night.
So the next time you think you will be going to the pumpkin patch to have great family moments DON"T GO INTO THE CORN MAZE... TURN AND RUN!!!


Laura said...

HAHAHA That is so funny! I swear I would have just pulled down my pants right there and was dark after all. :)

Mindy Skains Barefoot Book Ambassador said...

Believe you me. I THOUGHT about it. But I was to scared a spider would get me. After all we have some HURKEN spiders here.

Melis said...

Can I just say you crack me up? I've been reading your blog since I joined BF and I love it. I think you're adorable. I'm gonna follow you - mkay?

AND, as a testimony to my enjoyment of your sense of humor and writing, (but but BUT please don't think you need to read my blog as a result!!!) please accept your award on my blog :o)

Jen said...

funny...I agree with Laura, heck it was dark and when you have to go, you have to go. Our bladders are NEVER the same after child birth. Cute blog...

embracingmyquirks said...

You've been nominated for an Honest Scrap, visit my blog for info.

Shannon said...

HAHAHA! See, the bad things always turn into the best blog posts, don't they??