Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Kitty Name winner

Ok lets start by saying I LOVED THE NAMES.

Pickles was my favorite but my youngest informed me that he would feel he needed to eat the cat if we named her that.

Cheetos's was my husbands favorite but again Brae said his eyes would play tricks on him and he would want to eat her.

so after discussions and trying all different names the final name is


Now just a FYI NO ONE picked that name. I know it shows my sister did but she didn't she asked what name the boys liked I said they mentioned Skittles so she posted it.

So since we didn't actually go with a name you all chose, what I have decided to do is write all your names on paper and draw a name from a hat.

SO if you posted a name and didn't leave your name I need you to email me and tell me what name you chose.

I will have the boys draw the name from the hat this weekend and post it.

I thank you all so much for your great idea's and hope to do another drawing in the near future.

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