Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Funnies

So in case you were unaware today is Friday. Good, now that we got that out of the way I

thought I would make today be all about FUNNIES.... I want to hear all about your FUNNIES.

they can be embarrassing moments. Or something your kids said that was funny or something

you saw.

So I know that I am new to the whole Blog Frog and I have already made some great friends. So

this is your chance Great new friends to come out of the shadows of the LURKING LOOP man

of you have fallen into and Post your Funny... Come on don't be shy. We are all family here.

I will start out with a Funny.

Let me take you back to a time long ago, when I was younger, ALOT thinner,

immature-er-er(sp) and well just plain cuter.

I was 17 and a shift supervisor at our local DQ. ( ya-ya-ya You know your all jealous ) any who it

was summer and we happen to have a sundae sale going on. I was training a new gal on the

register, So I was having her ring folks up as I made her food. Well we were quite busy and me

being my spunky younger thinner self was quite fast at getting the desserts made. I was a Bad

Tush on the blizzard machine... Oh sorry I was daydreaming. where was I? Oh yes I was

making her food. No we were busy... Yeah that's it. We were busy.

so this man asks for a butterscotch sundae and she starts to ring him up.

( you all see where this is going? )

so it was customary to ask the customer if he wanted the works. so here I am in my crisp

chocolate splattered shift supervisor blouse and I say with my head held high.. in a confident



Yes ladies and gentlemen I have just turned a family run business into a soft porn DQ....

Not realizing what I said until it was far to late. I apparently offended the customer

( not the man nest to him of course ) I excused myself from the front counter as fast as my little

tush could carry me.

So there you have it. That was my funny. Now its your turn.



The Butler Family said...

Here's my story =)

Laura said...

That's funny!! Ok, one time we were at the mall just a week or two after my son was born. I was so sleep deprived that after one of our many trips to the bathroom so I could nurse I had forgotten to re-latch my nursing bra so I spent the next couple of hours walking around the mall with one boob not so secure! :)