Tuesday, October 27, 2009


AHHHH!!!! I love my boys for many reasons, ( mainly because well they are my boys. )
But one of the things I love is their innocents. ( now sometimes I think its alot more being gullible than innocents. )

Well if you read my blog, then I am sure you read about our nightmare at the Pumpkin patch. ( but for my sanity I like to call it an ADVENTURE!)

Well while at Said pumpkin patch we didn't get any pumpkins.

*Note* to those of you that are not from Texas, I will just say Texas really does not have actually patches that you go out and *PICK* your pumpkin. They actually have a gazillion shipped in and laid on the ground. ( I KNOW HUH!!)

So back to my main idea. ( yes I have one, bare with me ) I told the boys we would go get a pumpkin at one of the local churches that had pumpkins shipped in that they sell and the proceeds go to a good cause ( so this eases my mind about spend $22 dollars for 3 pumpkins, and it keeps darling hubby from blowing a gasket.)

So here we are. Logan, Brae and I wondering around OOHHing and AHHHing at all the pumpkins and listening to Logan exclaim every 30 sec or so.
" MAN THAT'S THE BIGGEST PUMPKIN IN THE WHOLE WORLD" this went on the entire time we were there.

so after looking, touching, moving them here to there they find that PERFECT pumpkin.

We lug them to the table, Mommy pays ( yes I payed. I mean I TRIED to convince the boys that they should pay, but seeing how they are 5 and 9 and probably have no money to begin with, I being the best mommy in the world pay for the pumpkins.)

We are on our way home and I am listening to the boys talk about the pumpkins ( oh did I mention they had to have the pumpkins RIGHT next to them in the van, "THEY MIGHT ROLL AND GET HURT" exclaimed Rang-Tang. )

So we are driving. ( I said that already huh?) and I hear Logan telling Brae all about WBA ( its a private school Logan went to for 3 years before we decided to homeschool ) ANYWHO I hear him tell Rang-Tang that back in the day, during the fall they would cut open a pumpkin and get all the seeds out and cook them and that would be their snack for the day and OH how they were delicious. (heheehee it was funny listening. )

That's when Rang-Tang says " YOU EAT THEM RAW?" ( see this goes to show how well he was listening to his older brother. )

Logan says " NO YOU CAN'T EAT THEM RAW."

so at this point I jump into the conversation.

ME: Brae if you eat them raw a pumpkin will grow in your tummy ( I guess I should not tease the kids, But its soooo fun )

Logan: " YOU WILL?"

I start laughing and say NO I am kidding. Your tummy acid would kill the seed.

I ask, SO what are you afraid a pumpkin will grow into your tummy?


Ok this was to funny for me. Here he is not concerned about 1 pumpkin growing. its all the baby pumpkins that would grow from that 1 pumpkin.

Leave it to Logan to OVER THINK IT.


The Butler Family said...

Ha my dad used to say that about watermelon seeds =)

I got the girls costumes from Spirithalloween.com This is my 4th year buying from them. I love shopping from there. Never had a problem with the size, shipping or ordering. And honestly the material of the costumes are good and not poorly made.

Has your boys picked out their costumes?

Oh girl thank you so much for the compliment about Abigail! She's such a good girl.

Brody's Mom said...

Happy Wednesday!

Jamie H said...

Super cute!

Mindy Skains Barefoot Book Ambassador said...

yes, Daddy took them shopping on Sunday. I now have

and OPTIMISM PRIME and BUMBLE BEE. ( and no not the cute flying around making honey kind. The Transformer kind. )

I will post some photos later today

Melissa said...

Popped over from BlogFrog.

Your kids are TOO cute! Not sure where you are in Texas (but, I think you're in Waco because of your wordless pic - sic 'em bears!!). Anywho, Sweet Berry Farm, www.sweetberryfarm.com, has a REAL, LIVE pumpkin patch!! I know, I know, whodathunkit!

Have a great day!

Brianne said...

Haha that is too funny! My son is only two but I can't wait to hear the conversations he has with his sister! But that's good that if you eat the seeds a pumpkin will grow in your tummy! I hope my daughter asks about them! Ha!

Alison said...

Too funny- a whole pumpkin patch! The things kids think of...