Tuesday, October 20, 2009

5 days

Well ladies it has been 5 days of hugs, kisses, tears ( lots of tears ) beautiful surprises and lots of holding the wee little baby.
Tomorrow I leave it all behind as I set out to go back to my normal hectic days of being MOMMY. (THE TITLE AND JOB I LOVE MOST IN THIS WORLD)

My littlest monkey Rang-Tang has had the hardest time with his mommy monkey being gone. But like any trooper he has been great.

I am so excited to hop on the plane and run into the waiting arms of my boys. smell their sweetness and feel their wet kisses on my cheeks.

I am however sad that it will be another 5 months before I see my beautiful sissy's and their sweet adorable kids.

So in honor of my last post in Washington and seeing how I am on my sissy's puter and have access to her photos I thought I would share a few. ( sorry only one posted, Not to good with laptops )

SO sit back, grab that drink and enjoy.
here is my beautiful sissy and her even more beautiful family.

there will be plenty posted tomorrow


The Butler Family said...

Stop in over at my blog to check out an award I posted for you :)

Laura said...

Beautiful family!!