Monday, September 28, 2009

typical school day...... OR IS IT?????

Well Mornings or as I like to call them CONTROLLED CHAOS are a tad different around here.

The boys IE Brae is NOT a morning person. ( I think he gets that from me. )

I personally think there is nothing ruder than waking up to an annoying BEEP....... BEEP........ BEEP...

I mean seriously WHO in their right mind thought this was a good idea?

I personally think the invention of the alarm clock was the devils work.

But I digress. MY point ( yes I had one ) is my boys typically LOUNGE around before getting motivated to start the day. So Mon and Wed are the days they get to do that.

Here they are watching a bit of Sonic X and eating daddies home made cinnamon rolls. Which were quite tasty...

Braeden zoning out in the glider

Logan already in charge of the Remote. ( isn't that a man thing? ) Nolan would beg to differ he says I'm the remote hog. But come on ME???? REALLY????

And now a few photos to show we do actually get work done...
This was taken last week while Logan was busy doing his school work I printed off a lapbook for Braeden.

E is for EARTH.....

He had so much fun making it, and it really helped him with his writing.
Notice how nice he is holding the pencil??? He is actually Ambidextrous. And if I would let him he would be holding one in each hand trying to get the work done faster.

And here he is looking all innocent.... Actually he is a pretty special boy..... And he was proud of himself for staying in the lines.

So see even with my Controlled Chaos that we live in, we have fun and stay on top of learning... Now WHERE DID I PUT MY BRAIN?????


Cindy said...

Controlled chaos....I like the ring of that. Maybe that's the glass-half-full way I can start thinking about our chaotic days (which are quite frequent with a toddler!)

Mindy Skains Barefoot Book Ambassador said...

Hehehe Controlled Chaos is typical here. But we love it