Thursday, May 28, 2009

The whole thing was a bust.

so I had posted that we were going to try to be vegetarians for a month. WRONG. it didn't go over my youngest would not eat a thing I made even my pasta salad that everyone loves including him.

and the whole I am going to post daily never worked out cause my darn internet was down for over 2+ weeks.

So I am sorry about that.

we have had a busy month. School. Birthdays, field trips and just being a family.
I have had some bad days as well. I get so down on myself about my weight. You know its funny I have NEVER worried about my weight. I always had the LOVE ME FOR ME OR GET LOST attitude but now I am obsessed with being fat. I hate all my cloths I hate to look at myself and I hate that Nolan still finds me attractive.
Now with that said you all are probably wondering "WELL WHAT ARE YOU DOING ABOUT IT?" and the answer is NOTHING BUT GETTING DEPRESSED.

I tryed really hard to exercise and walk everyday or ride my bike. but then I lapsed and have not been able to get outta the rut. I say everyday I WILL DO BETTER TODAY. Heck I even went to a Nutricianist and spoke with her she informed me I need to eat more. I can't I am not a eater. ( I know funny huh. ) what I mean is I am not a breakfast lunch dinner and snack person.

I eat dinner and smotimes lunch but all of that no way I am not hungry. and I am a major chocolate and candy person. and am struggling with that.

I wish there was a magic pill i could take and POOF!!! be thin.

I guess I am just in a funk. so I have no desire to do a thing but sleep and veg out.

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