Thursday, May 7, 2009

Lions, and Tigers and Vegetariens OH MY!!!

So it has been several days since posting. And alot has happened.

First and for most my boys have asked to become Vegetarians. They said they no longer want to kill animals for food. Other than Fish of course. So Nolan and I decided Sure why not. I mean they both LOVE vegetables and they eats lots of Beans so I am so not worried about the protein they will get plenty. I am however worried about the meals. I mean there are TONS of Vegetarian Meals my question is WILL THEY EAT THEM?

So I have done my Grocery shopping for the month and bought NO MEAT. so now its time to come up will meals they will eat. So from Now on I am going to post every day a new Vegetarian meal that we have that day and rate it. So kinda like the Blog A YEAR OF CROCKPOTING this is going to be


I will post the ingredients the recipe and then a picture of the final outcome and what we rated it as a family. Should be interesting. Oh and please feel free to post a recipe that you think we would enjoy. the more the merrier.

Now on to some sad news. yesterday we lost a beloved pet. Bellatrix the cat. She was only with us a short time ( Aug-May) not even a year. She was the twin of Narcissa and we loved them both. Bellatrix was backed over by Nolan. It was very sad and Nolan had a real hard time with it. I believe I had a much harder time dealing with it. I have only ever lost one other cat and her name was Shadow and that was very hard for me. They boys however took the news WAY better than I did and when Nolan came home from work we went to Home Depot and bought some plants and a pretty stone to make her a nice grave.
this is the only photo we have of her. she was a very shy kitty and Logan was the only one that could calm her.

July 2008-May 2009


Queen Mommy said...

So sorry about your sweet Bella. It's hard losing a kitty.

Also, I am very excited about your vegetarian recipes! That should be fun.

Pita pizzas are really good and easy for lunches. I use hummus on them instead of sauce, then top with feta cheese and toppings of choice (bell peppers, sliced roma tomatoes, olives, etc).

For a nicer dinner (or for grilling) you could do maple balsamic seitan. It's a wheat gluten based meat replacer. The marinade is SO good you could use to marinate other stuff as well. (I think I posted it on the Mommy board, but if not, I can try to find the links again for you).

Soon, maybe tonight, I'm going to try making chickpea cutlets. If they turn out, I'll let you know.

Because I said so.... said...

yes please I can't wait to try all sorts of new recipes.

Mrs. Darling said...

I answered your comment on my blog but I will tell you again here. That wood is stacked by the garden shed not the house and we dont have snakes in this area to worry about. LOl Anyway I posted more detail in my comment on my blog if you're interested.

Its been ages since Ive been here. Looks like I need to catch up!

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