Monday, April 20, 2009

when the going gets tough..... PLAY WITH LEGO'S

well this past weekend was AUGHHHH!!!! to say the least. Nolan and brae were both down for the count with some nasty head bug. I had to work Friday at the church till after 10 then be up bright and early for the Susan G Komen walk. (even if the weather was not BRIGHT but rather dull and drizzly)
I strapped on the T-shirt Logan was going to wear on Sadie and hooked up her leach and off she and i went to do the walk. It was so exhilarating and exciting and emotional. Now I know what my sisters mean when they say its a true emotional roller coaster. Now if only I could raise the funds to fly up and do the 3 day walk with my sister. But that's a WHOLE other post.

so after doing the walk with my friend and my doggy I came home wet and tired. spent the entire day flat on my back ( being tired and all, not from hurting myself) watching movies with the boys.

Beverly Hille Chihuhu Deffintaly TWO THUMBS UP
and THE WOMEN ( that was for me not the boys) also very cute but I am giving it only 1 thumbs up. ( the whole infidelity and all made me think, instead of kicking out the cheater BEAT HIM WITHIN A INCH OF HIS LIFE... would have giving the movie TWO THUMBS. But I am not the writer or director so its getting a ONE THUMB.)

then on Sunday got up watched Fireproof. Now it was a good movie but nothing like watching a movie to let you know your walk with the Lord NEEDS DEFINITE WORK to get you in a DEPRESSED MOOD. then the boys and Nolan planted seeds for the garden while I cleaned house.

Monday we got up went to the church nursery then off to take my Oreck to get a check-up.
( yes you read that right. My vaccume received a yearly PHYSICAL today...hehehehehe)

then home for lunch, off again to pick up the kids I babysit take her to her appointment and home again.
to wear I made a HUGE yummy salad and then walked 3 miles.
now I am sure you are all thinking WHAT IN GOD"S NAME DOES ANY OF THIS HAVE TO DO WITH LEGOS....
and the answer is simply NOTHING... other than my boys made some wicked awsome Lego ships that I wanted to share....
so enjoy

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