Monday, April 13, 2009

Thank the Lord its a Brand new week.

Well this past week was a whirl wind. We have been busy. It started off Saturday Morning bright and early. Our church had a Egg hunt at the local park so we headed out there first.
here are the boys and a few EGG-hunt photos
this is of the boys in front of the sign

And this would be Capt-Egg Logan and Serg-Egg Brae (hehehe)
And Brae is OFF..... he was on a mission. there was NOOOO getting in his way. he had his eye on the prize.....


Than is was Logan's turn. Now Logan took a different approach
Have any of you ever seen those fish that follow sharks and feed off the scraps of what the sharks attacked? Well, that was Logan. Forget about fighting all the kids over the candy he hung back and picked up all the little pieces the other kids either didn't want or didn't see.
Here he is sitting in the Same spot picking up all the LEFT OVERS.

Oh he See's some more.....

And as all the other kids give up. Logan keeps searching. He is quite successful at this move. He finds quite a bit.

One more walk through before call it a success. Now look at the pride on his face. He hunted for candy and eggs without loosing the person he is. NO PUSHING, NO SHOVING, NO BEING RUDE OR DISRESPECTFUL and absolutely no ugliness. Logan is and always will amaze me at how he find joy and laughter in everything he does. Logan forever is happy and has a smile that melts my heart. I know that the Lord God Gave me Logan to teach me to be NICE. KIND, LOVING, and to always have a good attitude.

then we took The boys fishing for the first time on Saturday before church and Brae caught his first fish. Of course it was a little guy and we let him go. But Brae was so excited.

here Brae is with Nolan showing off the Catch of the day. HEHEHE

Then off to church we went. ( I'm sure we smelled like fish. HEHE ) but the Lord didn't mind.
we arrived home then ate dinner and the boys and Nolan and I dyed eggs. It was fun. here are a few photo's of the EGG-CITING EVENT.

and here is the final product. The boys had a great time. But in all honesty I think Nolan and I had way more fun.

then Sunday they woke up found their baskets and hunted the eggs the Easter Bunny hid. We talked alot about Jesus and all he did for us and why we celebrate Easter.
we headed to our friends to have dinner and visit then went fishing last night to see if there we any bitters. We had a few but the boats made it difficult to fish when they would fly by. So today we are heading back out to try and find the perfect fishing spot and to get Logan to catch a fish.

So that's all we have been up to this weekend. I hope and pray that you all had a very Happy Easter and Praised the Lord Our God for all he has done and will do.

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